We Refuse!


(By T Kebede, 21 January 2021) –

We refuse!

We were made to speak Amharic
First Beguiled and tricked,
Or at best coddled;
Then compelled
Using a carrot and stick!

But no more, take a stock!
We refused to speak Amharic,
A language parasitic,
Of an oppressor ethnic!

It is impure;
Motley with no basics
A mixture of this & that eclectic;
From here and there annexed!

We refuse to speak Amharic!
It is a tool of colonial relics
Of a cruel blood thrust maniacs!

We refuse to speak Amharic
It has striped us naked;
Unable to independently think,
Nor claim our statues so unique,
To stand on our own feet
Without Being wrapped with
a fake Amhara Burnous’ feat!

We refuse to speak Amharic
It has willfully wreak havoc
Our identity to wracked!

It feels a disgrace
To be a member of human race
Where gun toting lunatics
Are running riot to work havocs
In the name of unity under their own mages
Trespassing the rule of governance
To liquidate hoi polloi’s democratic voices!!


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