You can kill a blind man never his vision – In memory of Asmelash Woldeselassie


(By Jerusalem Barnabas, 21 January 2021) –

You can kill a blind man never his vision

Dedicated to Asmelash Woldeselassie


They told us you were trying to escape
From those savages, who massacre and rape

They told us you refused to obey and cooperate
It was breaking news because they were so desperate

For them you were an enemy, a fugitive and a rebel
They were scared to face you and frightened to tackle
They shot and killed you then bragged and thrill

You gave your two eyes fighting for your people
As your vision was too much for enemies to handle
They came for your life second time trying
Your arms gave away while supposed to be dying

This time was unlucky you fought not to survive
When the vultures came to take you handcuffed and live
But you are not a coward hard you must have fought
Only took your body not your vision or thought

You lost your eyes fighting the Derg’s army
lost your limb during Esayas bombing Mekele the Tigray’s number one enemy

then came Abiy, that you hosted with open arm
He betrayed Tigray’s people he caused so much harm
We are crying and screaming we have no idea how to calm

We admire your bravery Asmelash ‘Aba Nefso’
you gave your life for new Tigray we promise we shall do so

We shall narrate your bravery and write your history
The sacrifice that you payed for emerging Tigray’s glory

Oh our hero Asmelash, only took your body in un ceremonious fashion
but they will never take your dream, your history or your vision

We salute you our hero we shall say to you good bye
We promise to fight to the end until we form a new Tigray!!


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