(By Y Huluf, 25 January 2021) –

In many things crucial to life,
You are at the bottom list archived
No matter how hard you strive
Because of a rife enemies strife
You were and still are unable to thrive, Tigray!

But in the battle fields,
Their pathway you have sealed,
And Broken their shields,
They dared to Wield;
With unrelenting open eyelids
Their bravado shredded and peeled, Tigray!

And this is a start;
You broke their evil chart apart!

Enduring the unendurable;
You are a fable,
Turning up-down the table;
They had thought of to assemble,
Upon your death to dine and gamble, Tigray!

Despite the odds that lies,
You will continue to rise.
0nce more you will be surprised
How positions can easily be revised;
Your age old detractors beginning,
On your behalf to mumble;
A positive voice, Tigray!

Yes, you have died several deaths
And yet you still are able to breathe.
Nonetheless, Notwithstanding your strength;
Your sons and daughters will always remember,
The death throes you have suffered, Tigray!

And what it means to endure.
Oh sweet Endurance!
Surrounded by newly acquired admirers;
And to the full you being praised;
Your long empathic name
Will come out strong in the words they out breathe;
Specially from the mouths of those,
You have not gone to bed with, Tigray!

And your looks, gorgeous as it is, perfectly in disguise, Tigray!

But Endurance don’t you fool anyone;
As much as we adore you,
We are your worst enemies
We know every inch of your length and breadth;
And your image projected to the rest,
Is only half the truth.

The agony, self doubt
The betrayals and long nights
Torture, death, fear of what might
Or might not be done to Tigraru,
As we cross over,
To the unknown border;
Has been part of the alchemy
And they still are with her, him and me;
Buried underneath
As long as we breath.

No doubt the scars we are left with
Are still visible for all to see and surmise, Tigray!


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