One is too Many to Shoad!!


(By Y Huluf, 27 January 2021) –

As invisible as a ghost,
Cancer is a virus;
A dread;
It metastases and spread
Leaving treads
all over the host;
Until it disables and roasts
But with its selfish approach
It also brings its own death
If left unchecked to halt
in a two hebdomadal time slots,
Cauterized and atomized
Before it grip holds the victim demonized
Likewise an Amhara trait
Is a cancer no less, you bait;
It colonizes and displaces
Other People from their lands of birth
It spreads like a wild fire
Scorching to ashes other race
But unlike cancer
With self defeating makeover
The Amhara tribe thrives
Upon the victims’ blood and flesh
But like a virus it mutates
And appears in many shapes and sizes
To trick and fool its victims in disguise
Unless one is bêtise
And stay away is best advise
From such a disease
If one is to live in peace!

We have bled enough in pain
No more shenanigans
With Amhara elite demons!
One is too many lessons
To learn!!

Thus the belief a federated coexistence,
Among people oppressed
But unavoidable with the Amharas amidst;
Is a none starter to begin with.
Unless they are wiped out with no trace;
As in a virus;
If luck has it to success,
Which is wrong,
For it is Genocide in reverse!!

Boycott Ethiopian/Amhara Airlines; A plane that transports criminal soldiers to war zone to Eritrea, a hostile country to fight against its own citizens. A Plane that plays only and only one Amharic language Classics on takeoff and landing in a country with 80 different spoken languages despite it has been led for 30 years by a Tirgrian CEO as the head.



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