Ignoble Nobel, Amnesty Denied!


(By Y Huluf, 28 January 2021) –

Some of the world renowned names,
Have recently fallen from halls of fame;
Victims of their own schemes!

They are now bare shells,
Of their former selfs;
Crouching low unable to stand tall;
The likes of Ignoble Nobel,
Amensity International,
OAU that hails violence to prevail,
And CHRO led by the clan of Daniel;
Who used this office coverage,
To exact revenge,
Against those who challenged,
His ancestral rights and privileges!

One wonders why the world is caught;
Napping on a swinging cot;
The likes of Trump and timeserver Beijing squabble
Over, as to who fed us morsels of bats,
Leaving millions dead,
Millions more in wait,
Not knowing their ultimate fate!

A pandemic,
Wrecking havoc
Mysophobia invoked,
People aimlessly running in punic!

That aside, as if the past price,
People paid with their lives,
Is glossed over with thin lies,
The truth to disguise!

Now narcissistic dictator are on a rise,
The likes of Abiy and Isayas
Who know no bound,
What a mess, what a world?

Any nation, any leader or rights advocate,
Worth of a name,
Ought to stand up and fight
Humanity to protect;
From might is right!

Then at last; free at last
Those left in the dark must;
See light at the end of the tunnel
Crawling on their navels
To their delight!!


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