Ethiopian army is incapacitated says Tigray’s puppet interim administration head


Dr Mulu Nega, the head of Tigray’s puppet interim administration, said that the Ethiopian army does not have capacity to protect the borders of Ethiopia from Eritrean army aggression. It is widely known that Eritrean army has been killing civilians, looting factories, burning the crops of Tigrayan farmers, raping women and girls, and bombing churches and mosques. In response to question raised by staff at Mekelle University, Dr. Mulu Nega said that the Ethiopian army cannot force the Eritreans to leave Tigray. This is yet another evidence that the United Nations Security Council needs to intervene by dispatching UN Peace Keeping Force to Tigray. With Eritrean army determined to kill civilians, destroy civilian infrastructure in Tigray, it does not look possible make humanitarian assistance reach the millions of lives in danger. Apparently, the Ethiopian government does not even have the capacity to enforce its sovereignty as Mulu Nega admitted.

You can listen to what he said in this YouTube video.

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