Bloodstained Dead Toreros versus Fallen Heroes!


(By Temesgn Kebede) 

This much is understood:
For what they stood,
They worked all lifelong.
Oh  yes! Age  did not get him wrong.
Till the very end,
They kept on going  strong.
Tall, Stalwarts,
The guardian of comfort,
For those life happens to hurt – Now they are gone,
Miss, they will  his unstinting support.
Human tumbrels,
With a big hearts,
It had to be,
Considering all that burden!
But why does they now have to depart,
Jeopardising the mission they’d started?
Nothing personal would chain,
This indomitable human trains,
To refrain sorting other person’s strain!
One fateful day,
No one would envy,
Not knowing how to rest,
While combating an enemy at the forefront;
Doing what they loved best,
Shielding combatants to wrest;
Exposed to a barrage of flying bullets;
They too fell to the ground wounded on his chests,
Just to die instantly of cardiac arrest!
Déjà vu; another plight
These wonderful treasures were  deprived the light,To wake up for the following day’s fight.
What a price Tigray had to cough up,
For all the missing gaps,
In their absence it has now to wrap?
Go get lose, cry, tighten your waist strap fast!
You kids have become Vultures’ breakfast!
What have you done;
The indefatigable now be gone? 

What do you want to see happen:

Freedom or pogrom’s bludgeon
In the hands of twin demons?
Reincarnated Nero’s
Whelked minded erose;
Blatherskite soi-disant Pharaohs; 
But unlike a pharaoh;  
Small-time bravados;
Bloodstained dead toreros,
Carried to the hollow,
On wheelbarrows
With no spectator feeing sorrow!


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