More than 50 people killed in anti-goverenement protests in Tigray

Eritrea Tigray

(By Mekete Tigray UK) –

Anti-government protests in Tigray region have claimed many lives of people since the arrival of delegation from the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia travelled to Tigray for a ‘peace conference’ and to discuss humanitarian aid. The delegation included Daniel Kibret, a political advisor of PM Abiy Ahmed who is the architect of genocide and ethnic cleansing against Tigrayans. The delegation is composed of religious leaders, elders and members of the council, and planned to make a three day visit and meet with members of the community in Tigray. The delegation was intended to hold discussions on the challenges faced during the law enforcement operation held in Tigray regional state, particularly damage caused to churches.

Invitations were sent out to religious leaders and elders in Tigray, but the Tigray elders and religious leaders have refused to attend and protests were spread from Mekele to Wukro, Adigrat, Shire, Adwa, Aksum and other small towns in Tigray.

At least 55 innocent civilians were killed since the arrival of delegation from the Inter-Religious Council of Ethiopia when the protests erupted last week in the Tigray. 5 people shot dead by the Eritrean/Ethiopian troops in Mekele; 18 shot dead in Wukro town;  2 people including a child shot dead in Adigrat; 20 youth were executed in Adwa; 10 people killed in Shire during the protests during the last days. The delegates have not condemned or mentioned the killing in their press conference in Mekele.

Federal forces are using live bullets to quell the protests and intimidate business owners to open their shops”, said a medical worker who declined to be named over safety and security concerns.

“Dozen were injured, and many were arrested” he added “young protests who were throwing stones at security forces had been shot dead”.

Residents in the towns say the protests and government crackdown on locals has made life more difficult to an already appalling humanitarian situation in Tigray.

“There is little or no human activity in the past few days. Shops and private facilities were closed. There is no transportation in Mekele,” said the medical worker who is a resident of Mekele city.

The Ethiopian Government Minister confirms “widespread rape and sexual violence conclusively and without doubt against young girls and women in Tigray” by Eritrean Army, Federal Army and Amhara Forces.

The report comes weeks after Ethiopian and Eritrean Forces began final offensive against Tigray Regional government of Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) and the ruling party, the TPLF.

Widespread looting, burning, rape, war crimes against humanity and gross human rights abuses are committed in Tigray by Eritrean troops, Federal Army, Amhara special forces and militias.

The war against the invading Eritrean Army, Ethiopian Federal Army and Amhara special forces and militias still continue in Tigray to eliminate them from Tigray. Many invading forces were killed, wounded and captured by the heroic and victorious TDF at many battles in Kola Tembien, Central and south Tigray.

Tigray will Prevail!


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