BEWARE: The Russians are Coming!

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(By Zeselus Mehari, 15 February 2021) –

We assume the world is watching but may be taken by surprise? We are worried if concerned parties are caught napping with the sudden development power realignment in the Horn.

Nevertheless, what followed today’s statement by Isaias media outlet calls for attention that we are in for a big surprise.

 UAE developed the port to an international standard, and over ten thousand people were working in two sections of the port. Eritrean nationals are not allowed to work anywhere inside the port compound. The shipyard is so big that more than seven big ships can load and offload simultaneously. Besides, Assab port has an airport for Jets and helicopters to land and take-off at any given time. The UAE Chines made drones (Loom II) were protected in the underground trenches.

In 1974, the aging Ethiopian monarchy was replaced by the Derg (committee) dictatorial regime led by Mengistu Haile Mariam. When the United States refused to arm Ethiopia’s military, Mengistu had to depend on the Soviet Union. The Soviets brought in the Cuban soldiers armed with Soviet-made machinery to fight in the Ethio-Somalia war. The Soviets lasted till 1991. Mengistu, the most brutal dictator, was defeated by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Eritrean Liberation Front (EPLF).

True to his nature, Col Abiy follows his natural instinctive in treasonable act selling the country to the highest bidder. Few can be mentioned:

Abiy Ahmed Ali brought foreign forces (Eritrea, Somalia, UAE) to fight against Ethiopian citizens to prolong their power.

His army has been bombing with long-range arterially churches, schools, mosques. Monasteries, civilians (among others maiming four-year-old children and pregnant women)

He conspired with external powers to exchange Tigray parts to be taken to give away “Amhara” Lands to another country.

Abiy is shifting gears to stay in power. He promised to bring back Assab. All that he is promising the Amhara soft-hearted critical mass is lies and more lies.

Abiy let the looting of cultural and historical treasury of Tigray by Amhara and Eritrean specialists. Looters were dedicated to ransacking priceless manuscripts, cultural and historical artefacts, mainly gold and silver icons.

The three dictators of the horn are building a united front of aggression against “their” people. Abiy Ahmed recently sent a delegation to Russia to establish ties that may not invoke a sense of danger to Africa’s Horn. What transpired from the official visit of the delegation is anybody’s guess. We also learned that UAE is in a hurry to pack the billions worth of investment they squandered in Assab in the last few years. For sure, satellite pictures show they are loading what they have been building in the last few years. Simultaneously, Isaias has announced that he leased Assab port for the Russians. He has also stated that he will form a United military force with Ethiopia in style like NATO, which will include Somalia.

The United States and EU nations have to be alerted that Russia’s presence in East Africa would cause a conflict similar to that of Syria but with magnitude many times greater. The Cold War will not be cold because it may take the horn into an endless inferno. Be it in the short or long term. Those new Soviet Trojan Horses will not succeed, for Abiy, Formajo, and Isaias’s central objective is power at any cost regardless of what the people say. The people of the region will undoubtedly persevere another war of independence;

It would be in the interest of all concerned to act now and remove Isaias before his plan materializes. Russia will never hesitate to sit in (Assab) a well-prepared trench; once it set its feet, it will take nothing short of a WWIII to dislodge her. It is likewise almost impossible to deal with three hyenas tearing apart the neighbourhood.

Concerned states in the area (Sudan, Kenya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia) should also work hard to establish a contract to destabilize the divisive tripartite plan to secure peace and stability in the horn. The vested interest of Sudan and Egypt goes beyond the question of the border issue. The premature destruction of the unholy alliance of Eritrea, Russia, and Ethiopian dictators’ hinges on one goon who was the principal Achilles hill of the region. Isaias and Abiy Ahmed Ali, whose ultimate plan is to destroy any form of democratic institutions in the region, so they dream to live forever as dictators setting terms on two hundred million fifty people who are immediately affected in the region by their reckless desires,

One of Col. Abiy Ahmed Ali is delaying the war with Sudan because he wants to bring in the retired Derg soldiers to rehabilitate and engage them against Tigray and Sudan. That is why Isaias is also refusing to get out of Tigray despite the repeated messages conveyed to him by international organizations and governments. Both Abiy and Isaias are using the delaying tactic to reorganize and get ready for the failing policy they have already followed.

The extremist Amhara leaders have not awakened to the situation yet. Half of the Amhara extremists were fighting their chauvinist ideology from Washington DC. At the same time, the other extremists were in Addis Ababa and Gonder. It may seem rational that their head office will now move to Moscow. Will they?                                                     

Tigray will triumph!


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