The Journey: To Reclaim Tigray’s Simony!


(By Temesgn Kebede, 16 February 2021) –

The Journey: To Reclaim Tigray’s Simony!
Whillikers! Did I know my destiny!
Hitherto a colony,
Shackled by tyranny?

I set out this biblical journey,
Seated between an Angel, heralding epiphany,
And a diabolical genie,
With cacoethes urge to devour me.

Augean, that I am pressed hard like an exvoto blini;
Which one would grab me with glee;
Either to insufflate life and resuscitate,
Or to wipe me out carte Blanche;
Not knowing who or what would happen next?

This journey is the beginning and the end.
That said, it cannot be decided in advance:
So should it be long;
Or should it be short;
Nor can it be amended as I go along?
No doubt;
It is marked with turns and bends.
It is preordained,
One must simply accept.

Depends on pure luck for which one is chosen.
Albeit, unfortunate was mine,
To sum,
I fell in the hands of beadledom bosun!
Who doesn’t know how to stir
In a procellous water!

On the way there are many stopovers;
Places to redeem and gather strength,
Or drowned in despair.
But whichever the case,
Wounded and weak-willed,
Or invigorated and blissful,
The journey must be completed to full.


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