A Basket of Rotten Eggs!


(By Yared Huluf, 18 February 2021) –

The Bedouin has a primordial cacoethes limerence,
He can’t help disguise,
When he sights a swathe of sand;
Unearned sponduliks come to mind!

He has another mania:
To cleek drones from China,
Other Foreign made gewgaw, paraphernalia,
To add to their regalia.

Recently he has taken off to Mars
With a purchased spacecraft,
To pray to Ares,
That the vast desert sand
Would provide crude oil on hand
So as to insure the luxury he thus far commands,
In the world stand;
At the expense of morale degringolade.

How is it this biped camel popple,
Inebriated with crude oil smell
Justify to copulate with a spouse
Of his late brother now bygone;
In the name purveying support;
When this is vividly spiritual decadence;
When altruistic support is of the essence in evidence?

This baboon,
Draped with a turban
Head covered with kuffiyeh
pinned by Agal
Has become a disgrace to Alah!
He loves the sword as a toy,
And on a prayer day,
He flings to sway
to chop off heads for a joy!

Unscrupulous that he is,
He joined hands with a nation,
To purchase weapons;
When Moslem as citizens
Are considered deranged madmen!
Required to undergo an alembic rehabilitation,
To abandon their religion;
Their human rights,
In violation!

Likewise this buffoon deals with
Yet another nation,
That accused a citizen,
For a travel restriction violation,
A person poisoned,
And unconscious;
Unbeknown what had happened
And where he is taken!
Upon return with his health regained,
Puts him in prison!
What a world we live in?

At last, there is one picayune sigh of relief to breathe
One mythomane;
Despicable demon on the lose,
is now removed from office!


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