Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) completely destroyed the 32 brigade of the Ethiopian Army

Ethiopia Tigray

(Source: Dimtsi Weyane (DM) International, 15 february 2021, updated 23 Februray 2021)

Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) completely destroyed the 32 brigade of the Ethiopian Army between Gijet and Yechila towns in Ester area about 60 Km from Mekele

Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) have killed 1579 troops including Colonel Ababu, the Ethiopian Army 32 Brigade commander; wounded 500; captured 104 prisoners and a number of military equipment in one day battle in Esret.

The TDF military offensive was carried out in the name of operation Mesfin, and the entire 32 brigade was fully destroyed which aimed to end the invasions of the Ethiopian Army, Eritrean Army and Amhara militias in Tigray.  

In a video report released via Dimtsi Weyane (DM) International, TDF spokesperson, Gebre Gebretsadik said that TDF carried out the offensive military actions on 15 February 2021 between Gijet and Yechila towns in Esret area against “enemy forces”.

The TDF spokesperson noted that the 32 Brigade troops were looting the towns and killing civilians.

Tigrayans have celebrated 46th year of 11 February  (46ን ዓመት በዓል ለካቲት 11 ለካቲት 2013) in Tigray and around the world.

Following fighting with Tigrayan forces in Gijet, report of a massacre of close to 200 in town of Esret, between Gijet and Yechila by Ethiopian and Eritrean troops. A 92 year old nun, children and a whole family said to have been killed.

Long live TDF!

Tigray will prevail!



1 thought on “Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) completely destroyed the 32 brigade of the Ethiopian Army

  1. ማሪክና አና በሉ የርእዩና ኣለዉ ታይ መዓቱ እዩ ኣህዋቲና ???
    ኣተረዷኒን ሊሚንታዩ ዝሰዲዎም ዛለዉ ናይ ኩናት ገበነግና ታት ከዪባሃሉ ዲዩ ? ሂጂኮ ቲግራይ ቢአሳያሲን በማሃሩ አያ ቲተሃዳደር ዘላ ሂዉሃት ከም ረበል ሺፍታ አዩ በኣለም ዚፊለት ከመይ ገሮም አዮም ቢኩናት ገበነግና ዚሂተቱ ኣረዱኡኒ አስቲ? አዞም ሚርኮኛታት dahar ahwatina ena ketelu kindey geben ena fetsemu kalaay gize zitemareku alewu ? limintay eyu hiwhat ezi zigebr zelo ?

    we have many captives who get apprehended twice . These killers are left in the streets to kill and rape our people. However, Mulugeta was saying they are liberated soon after they undergo a 3-day rehab program.

    However, we still see these prisoners killing our people and captivated twice .

    What are you doing and how are they dealing with those thugs arrested twice?

    This lienency toughens their struggle and exacerbates the suffering of our people-i they release those eritrean or ethiopian killing apparatus devised and remotely supervised by abiy and isayas.

    Note: I am expressing my concern ; but I am not presenting unparalled and matchless proposition.

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