Massacres in Bora Selewa and Debre Abay

Ethiopia Tigray

(Source: Tghat)

Massacres in Bora Selewa  and  Debre Abay

Two massacres have been committed since the start of 2021 by the invading forces on civilian Tigrayans. One of the massacres happened on 5 and 6 January 2021, in western Tigray, in an area called Debre Abay, named after the famous Debre Abay monastry.

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First, the Ethiopian and Eritrean military started shelling a small town, called Mai Hrmaz, from far. Houses were destroyed and children killed. When they arrived at the small town, a fight with TDF forces tarted which lasted for two days. According to some sources, around 500 Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers were killed in the fight. A reinforcement was then asked and sent to the location, but the fight was already over and TDF forces were not in the area. Then the angry reinforcement force took its revenge on the town’s civilian population by massacring 100 of them, looting shops and houses.

Another massacre happened in southern Tigray, in an area called Bora Selwa on 10 January 2021. Here too, the massacre was committed as a revenge for a lose in a battle with TDF forces. An estimated 150 people have been massacred. Tghat has so far identified about 13 of them by name.


The Eritrean and Ethiopian soldiers have shown a consistent pattern of taking out their revenge on civilian Tigrayans. And usually, they target young Tigrayans. The targeting of young Tigrayans is about killing the future of Tigray too. In his Machiavellian-type book “እርካብና መንበር”, Abiy Ahmed details, by taking a lion as an example, how the new king eliminates things that remind of the past and the young of the old king. This is chilling, and I am afraid that is what is being implemented in Tigray.

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  1. The soldier speaks amharic in Oromiffa accent.

    ኣውራ አንተ የሸርሙጣ ልጅ ኢልዎ ፥ከመይ እዮም እት ጭካነ ተማሂሮምዎ For me, this cruelty is highly contagious. I do start to become cruel like them.I cannot befriend with any ethiopian , nonTigraway , anymore. . THis is unfogettable. No more ethiopia and ethiopiyawinet. I cannot stop condemining those who free Tigray war prisoners . Most of Tegarus are kind and our mothers used to say-ቅድሞትካ፣ቅድመኻ ስጥሕ የብለኒ እናበላ እየን አዕብየናና ካብመን እዮም እዚኦም ተፈጢሮም አራዊት

    We have people from Amhara tribe telling their ethnic members “ወያኔን መግደል ያጸድቃል” meaning it is a righteous act to kill TPLF and in doing so Ye will inherit the kingdom of God.

    This is what we heard from those people who are used to sitting behind keyboard setting Yo utube as an effective video platform for small business marketing.

    Nowadays, Socialmedia and youtube become propaganda machine and best tool for these thugs to dessiminate hatespeech with all those most offensive vulgar words available in the dictionary. FYI; it appears that Amharic holds too many vulgar words than other languges due to the fact that the amhara elites developped hate, discrimination and abuse for centuries during those decades they grab power for all non-amhara tribes let alone for Tegarus.

    They are whining for 30 years of TPLF leadership while they treated non -amhara ethnic memebrs as captives and tenants for centuries.

    These days , I met some friends saying ” My politics is my country and religion and others claim I donot want engage in politics when we told them to speak up for the truth and condemn the genocide.

    We all habesha men believe in one Almighty God regardless of the denomination or religion we adhere to. However, speaking against mass starvation, premediatated genocide , mass incarceration of civilians for their political view & ethnic background has nothing to do with supporting a single political party . We are not campaigning for a political party to get elected or we are not developping consipiracy theory to topple a party that contradicts our views but we are condemning an adminstration killing its own people with its defence partners from Eritrea , Somalia and UAE.

    BTW, I am quite suprised to these days by silence that the international community showed us by not condemning UAE for its military intervention and atrocities in Tigray .

    Thank you

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