Ethiopian government has ordered the Ethiopian & Eritrean army to dimolish Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam in Tigray

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(By Tigraian Academic Diaspora in Europe, 22 February 2021) – 

United Nations Environment Programme P.O. Box 30552, Nairobi, KENYA Tel: +254 (0)20 762 1234 Fax: +254 (0)20 762 3927 

Dear Sirs/Madams,
As you well know by now, dictator Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and senile dictator Isaias Afework of Eritrea have no bound for their thirst in sadistic acts, such as committing an unheard of atrocities beyond the level of genocide the world knows so far. 
In this light, their army has been spotted by local people, heading to demolition the Tekeze dam so that Tigraians will not have any electric power for the coming five years.  We, the academic caucus (with especial interest in environmental issues based in London) were informed and prompted to let the world know about this looming catastrophe by phone call, as this link says it all.
The immediate consequence would be over flooding in Khartoum and its impact on the environment is left to you the experts in the field. This is what has prompted us to drop you these a few words so that you would take the necessary action without much ado to save people, power and the environment at large!!
However, the main reason why we have written to your office is the fact that these two dictators have no respect for the international law nor community at large and even we doubt if they know the existence of the international law, which your office looks after i.e protecting big dams such as that of Tekeze, whose location and description stated below (as described by Google map).
Tekeze Dam is located at a watershed, part of the Tekeze river basin covers an area of about 29,404 km square and is situated between 11° 39 ‘ 32.17″ and 13° 27′ 15.96′’ North latitude, and 37° 33′ 27.63′’ and 39° 40′ 7.24′’East longitude in the north-western part of Tigray, Ethiopia.
Looking forward your action, in no time 
Yours very truly,
Tigraian Academic Diaspora in Europe, UK Branch.

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