Ethiopian government orders Tigray Interim administration to eradicate evidences of atrocities committed during the war in Tigray

Ethiopia Tigray

(Source: Eritrea Hub) – 

The Ethiopian government is reported to have ordered the interim government of Tigray (in collaboration with the military) to eradicate all evidences of the extensive atrocities committed during the war in Tigray.

Signs of murder, rape, looting, displacement and destruction are being carefully removed.

This is being done ahead of opening up Tigray to members of the international media.

The problem for the Ethiopian government is that the people of the region can bear witnesses to what took place.

This explains a report that more than 6,000 internally displaced people are being transferred from Axum university campuses to the prison center in Shire over the next two days.

Axum – the scene of probably the worst atrocity in the current conflict – is likely to attract considerable media attention once the region opens up.

Nonetheless, it will be impossible to hide the looted and destroyed churches, Debre Damo monastery,  factories, universities, Al Negashi Mosque and the mass burials of victims of massacres, burnt farms and crops. 



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