The Eritrean Army attack on the ancient Debre Damo Monastery

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(Source: EEPA Situation Report) –

According to a witness, Debre Damo Monastery was bombed by Eritrean soldiers on 11 January 2021. The soldiers fired heavy artillery from Sero, Bazet and an intersection road towards Feresmay town.

“The upper part of the monastery was hit by more than 18 artiliers and in total 28 artiliers landed in the monastery” says the eye witness. The shelling lasted from 7am till 4pm.

The witness states more than 100 heavy artillery landed at the foot of the monastery without any casualties. “During the bombing, all monks were inside the church. The monks were on a weekly scheduled prayers program from 9 January 2021 utill 15 January 2021,” the witness added.

The witness says there was no immediate damage to the Abuna Aregawi Church but 26 shelter houses of monks were completely destroyed and burnt. “Metal sheets and wood parts” of the houses were burnt to the ground.

Historical and heritage houses which were built by  Aste. Yohannes IV, Ras Alula, Ras Seyoum and Enda Raesi were among those completely destroyed and burned. “These houses were also heritages of the monastery,” says the witness.

According to the report of the eye witness, there are 150 houses which were built by Aste. Yohannes IV to be used as a shelter for monks.

The witness says that a monk, aged 67, was killed by the bombing while praying inside his house: “His body was dispersed all over the area and it was very difficult to collect the body parts for burial.”

The report states on 12 January 2021, Eritrean soldiers approached the monastery and said they wanted to inspect the monastery. “They fired three bullets to the sky to scare us (the monks) and make their request accepted as the thick leather rope used to climb was already pulled up” says the witness.

According to the witness, when the monks asked the Eritrean soldiers why they bombed the monastery; the soldiers said they were informed that Debrestion and his soldiers were hiding in the monastery and that is why we were shelling the monastery for the whole day.

The witness says 6 Eritrean soldiers came back on 14 January 2021 and asked to search everything in the monastery: “All houses of the monks were searched one by one except the church and when they knew nothing was inside, the soldiers regretted their action” says the witness.

“When we told them about the death of one of our monks from the bombing, the soldiers said you are lucky that you only lost one person; 8 (7 christian and 1 muslium) of our soldiers were killed by a snake” says the witness.

The witness states 30 Eritreans soldiers came with a car and looted grains, television, generators and other goods of farmers from the surrounding community. Later the car overturned while travelling to a place called Gidera and 28 of them died and only 2 survived.

According to the witness, Eritrean soldiers still operate in the area surrounding the monastery and sometimes they come to the foot of the monastery but never climb again.


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  1. ብደዎም የቃጽሎም ጥሙያት ሰረቅቲ፥ብአለም ተፈሊጦም አለዉ፥
    donot deafen our ears repteting the same rehetoric that eritreans are demonstrating with us , condeming the war etc;
    Becauqe the war affected the lives of those beggars in TIgray, UNHCR rats, and money transfer for those eritreans in abroad. Eritrea is in the risk of collapse and its sovereignity is in danger . That is the reason behind their howling and yelling . They want to manifest to the world tthe fcat that they oppose the regime in eritrea which is part of their politics. If they sat in eu or us without doing anything they will face problems from migration officers. They start to demonstarte after they see Sudanese , and other nationalities do demonstartions in many countries against Beshir Regime.
    ሐደራኩም ኤርትራዉያን አህዋትኩም እናበልኩም ቶርቸር አትግበሩና ምስኦም በረብሓ ይኹን ብመርኣ ዝተኣሳሰርኩም ምስኦም ናብ ኤርትራ ኪዱልና፥እታ ጥልያናዊት ኤርትራ አምላክ ብ፳፪፩, 2021 ካብ ናይ ዓለም ካርታ ጥፍ ሕምሽሽ የብላ፥ ካብኦም ፀርፍን ንዕቀት ብዕልግና ጸይቂ ኢሁም ትመኸሩ፥ትግርኛ አይሰምዕን እንተይልክምዎም ብጸርፊ ኢዮም ዘተአናግዱኹም፥if they understand you donot know tigrigna ካብኦም ፀርፍን ንዕቀት ብዕልግና ጸይቂ ኢሁም ትመኸሩ፥ትግርኛ አይሰምዕን እንተይልክምዎም ብጸርፊ ኢዮም ዘተአናግዱኹም፥አይሰምዐናን ብዝብል፥ሐንቲ ጽቡቕ፥ጥዑይ ነገራት አለዉዎም ንሳቶም ድማ ፌስቡክ ንዘይ ፈልጥ ፌስቡክ የርዕይዎ፥ወረ ከኣ ካፍቲ ናፍቲ ኢሎም ከም እህሊ የኹልስኹም እዮም ካብ ሰለልቲ ካልዕ ነገር አይትፀበዩ፥ . All what they have been taught is to kill, steal and rape women. Thanks to them the world trained itself how to traffic people in the desert and enslave people. slaves in US and EU did no vail to us but destroy our culture, heritage and kill our people . Because they are trained by the Isayas, bug, blood sucker in Sawa, where many of them were tortured and trained to do the same to others . That is why they have no self-esteem and dignity for themselves . Abiy and Menilik have many resemblances : Via Antonelli’s courier, Menelik informed the King of Italy that he would like the Italian soldiers to occupy Asmara, in order to discourage the imperial pretensions of Mengesha Yohannes (the son of Emperor Yohannes).” “There after,” added Menelik, “God will give me the throne that for many years I have had the right to have. (1986, Chris Prouty, p.61)” Abiy , likewise, told Sudan to occupy the teritories that they occuppied now.Banda begets , give birth to , banda . amara elites have the same characteristics as shown above. Forget eritreans they are always treated as commodities in the past and present by Italians and now by smugglers. They now felt empowered by stealling and looting and raping which is the only accessible job for them. They replaced mafis and robbers of the past in Addis Ababa-robbing public servants and business men in Addis ababa.

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