Amnesty accuses Eritrea and Ethiopia of committing atrocities together

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(Source: Channel 4 News

The massacre in Axum showing bodies been collected from the street, interview with Amnesty report author and eyewitness testimony.

Jamal Osman Reporter

It wasn’t so long ago that the Prime Minister of Ethiopia was receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for ending a conflict with Eritrea.

Today Amnesty International released a report accusing both the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments of working alongside each other to commit atrocities.

Ethiopia and Eritrea brought their two-decade long conflict with each other to an end in 2019.

Now it seems they have a common enemy in Tigray, an Ethiopian province along the border with Eritrea.

Amnesty says Eritrean forces massacred hundreds of civilians in the sacred city of Axum last November.

We report from the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, and a warning: his report has distressing images from the start.


1 thought on “Amnesty accuses Eritrea and Ethiopia of committing atrocities together

  1. Dear Fellow Tegarus, it come as no surprise to learn that the self-declared president Isayas and Abiy, PP cult member, respond to the reports made by Anmesty international.

    Previosly, Isayas told to UN, Eritrea has “statutory obligations as well as universal morale [sic] and humanitarian responsibilities” to put an end to it, he requests that the UN conduct “an independent and transparent” investigation over the malicious and concerted practices of human trafficking” for the “past 1O years of eritrean refugees.

    There are reports exposing the treatment of human organ as trade commodities in Eritroarmara land .More precisely speaking, ethio-eritrean citizens are engaged in a business making human organ, heart & kideny , as trade commodities/items. As you may knew them, many of those eritrean smugglers operates both within Tigray , in refugee camps , and outside Tigray , in Sudan and Egypt. The thing is as eritrean soldiers enter Tigray , these criminals who sell people and their organs could gain more force and enage in committing crime on our people. Those people could have already involved in all those crimes that is attributed to eritrean refugees in Tigray. This could be ascertained by local residents where the crime has been committed.

    This tiny nation(Eritrea) of 4 – 5 million has more than its share when it comes to producing refugees. Now, It now Eritrea and Eritreans made themselves notable war crime perpetrators than any other nation.

    For example:
    1. Wedi Tewelde (ወዲ ተወልደ) (Mai Ayni Refugee camp- ማይ ዓይኒ ) in Ethiopia(ኢትዮጵያ)
    2. Tsegay Zeriga (ወዲ ፀጋይ) (Mai Ayni Refugee camp- ማይ ዓይኒ) in Ethiopia(ኢትዮጵያ)
    3. Tesfalidet (ተስፋልደት) he owns restaurant inside the refugee camp (Mai Ayni Refugee camp – ማይ ዓይኒ) in Ethiopia(ኢትዮጵያ)
    4. Zeray Yitbarek (ዘርአይ ይትባርኽ) a smuggler who holds Eritrean diplomatic passport. This doesn’t mean all those crimes are committed solely by these kind of people.

    Since 2006, former Free Lions leaders were allegedly involved in smuggling Eritrean migrants to Egypt through eastern Sudan, with the complicity of both Eritrean and Sudanese security apparatuses. This smuggling entente is now threatened, notably by the new anti-smuggling policies.

    In its July 2011 report, the Monitoring Group described the involvement of senior members of the Eritrean security services, notably General Teklai Kifle “Manjus”, in the trafficking of weapons and people from Eritrea into Egypt (the Sinai) via Sudan, en route to Israel, reported by
    Migrant smuggling has joined the arms trade and drug dealing as one of the most lucrative forms of organized crime and has largely become controlled by Eritreans.

    One prominent Sinai-based trafficker, known as Abu Ahmed, reportedly used to take delivery of at least 1,200 small arms per month, as well as large quantities of ammunition. The value of this trade to General Manjus’s network would therefore be worth a minimum of $300,000 per month or $3.6 million per year for weapons alone, excluding ammunition.

    To sum up, eritrean security apparatuses and officials are benefiting from these weapon and human trafficking for so long . So, they kept their allies both in Refugee campus and in Sudan. Isayas has been engaged in crminal activities for so long and now he is globally notorious war crime perpetrator.Their response to Amnesty donot cautht us off-guard. It has lost the element of surprise .

    To all my fellow Tegarus , I wanna give an example to assure them we can defeat these invaders . The decisive battle between Alexander the Great’s army invading the Persian Achaemenid Empire ruled by Darius III. Even though being heavily outnumbered, Alexander emerged victorious due to his army’s superior tactics, victory that led to the fall of the Persian empire. Tigray Defense force (TDF) is the present day Alexander who is fighting a huge army backed by a latest military equipement in our days such as drones and other military gadgets.

    ኣዴና ቅድስት ድንግል ማርያም ምስ ዉፁዓት ሕዝብና ትኹን

    ትግራይ ትስዕር

    Additional readings and references:

    FYI, Eritrean and Ethiopian are issuing fake Tigray ID. Our people should be cautious who is living next to them. This is not to create a phobia but for their safety. As you may know, theere might be someone who claim I donot speak tigrigna and I am born to Tigrean family but my father is amhara etc. Amahra people should still sneak and nark for the PP cadres or cause some kind of harm.

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