Aksum Rises!


(By Yared Huluf, 28 February 2021) –

From where I stand,
I look ahead
And look back:
I need to sever the link
And change track

Only to remind myself of one
Simple fact, so to speak:
An adage;
That an old dog never learns a new trick!

I am a civilian
I carry no weapons
Nor do I sit on a pillion
Behind a pommel
Looking for trouble fantods;
Please leave me alone
I am not contrarious,
Nor cantankerous,
I wish to live in peace
Praising the Lord!

Forty years to be exact
They came back to reenact
The same crime they committed:
To execute me in public
As they did my older brother erewhile back!

Oh Aksum,
Historic maxim;
What wrong have you done
For the two twin ግራኝ
To came back
And repeatedly attack;
The age old historic rucks,
Line by line,
To grind,
And turn you blind,
Hoping to crash your creative mind!

Aggressors appear,
Advocates for peace,
Being adinfinitium oblivious
That they are hideous carnivores.
Who shoot dead regardless!

Carpe diem is their motto,
With blood of innocents,
Full throttle blottos
In the grattos!

That was what did happen
150 years back
When Menelik
Headed North on a mile’s back
Flesh of Tigrians to rack
So we are told by word of mouth
For feudal warriors never dear
To tell the truth.


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