Tigray will rise from the Ashes


(By Haile Selassie Zefertsion, 01 March 2021) –

Your soul is singing
Like a bird
Looking like an owl
Yourblood is Sealed
In our heartland.

Siyoum, a diplomat
Who knows how to fight
Abay, policy maker
Our nation’s architecture
Asmelash, a lawyer and a fighter
For the voiceless advocator.

You are not defined:

By Abiy and Amahara Neftsegna
False prophet
Sugar coated disguised
Under educated
Over estimated
Shameless narcist
Born again fascist.

You are not defined:

Likewise, by Essayas of Eritrea
Fruit of poison tree
His Love…… Rape
His Peace…. Murder
His faith……. Torture

But our Heroes:

Their faith is justice
Believing in equality
To abolish suffering and misery
Craving for freedom
Thirstyfor right
Hungry for justice


Understood the danger
But, no fear tobe crucified
As Jesus of Nazareth
And Socrates of Athens.

Our Heroes:

Born free, never been slave
Their fate to challenge
To right wrong.


Son abducted from mothers’bosom
Daughters from fathers’arm
Nunes, sisters, waivesR
aped in groups


Elders snatched by merciless Satan
Shooting in a close range
Tossed at every corner.


Time will be in our side
To proclaimthe favorable year
The day of vengeance of our Martyrs
To conformall whom mourn
Giving them Bouquetof flowers instead of ashes
Oil of gladness instead of mourning
The mantle of praise instead of sprit of fainting
Tigray will be called Oak of Righteousness.


Tigray will be rectifyingits wings
To fly and soar
To the edge of the mountain
Overcoming by stray.

At last:

Tigray will build the ruins
It will raise up the former devastation
And will repair ruined cities
The desolationof many generations.


Instead of shame Tigray will have a double portion
Instead of humiliation Tigray will shout out of joy
Everlasting joy will be all over Tigray.


Our martyrs pave the way
Sowing the seed of equality
To be harvested in the future
The fruit of righteousness
By generation to come.

The Sacred state:

Tigray house of Sheba and Yared
Monasteryof Nine Saints
The first Mosque of Al Ngesi
Mentor of Youhanes and Alula
Hayelom and Qeshi Gebru
Our beloved Tigray you are free
Strive to live not to survive.

Thank you:

Martyrdom of our heroes
Your echo is everywhere
From Atlantic to Pacific
From Australia to America
With no limit and boundaries
Your mission is resurrected by many
Our Heroes, RIP!

Hagre Tigray will win!


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