Maikadra II


(By Yared Huluf, 03 March 2021) –

Maikadra II

Of course there was no ማይ,
They came with to supply,
To slake the throats gone dry!

But there was egregious macabre,
Committed by excathedra,
dodecahedra serpentine hydras,
Unheard of in this era!

You are so rhathymia
To let loose these manias
Causing inguinal hernias,
By rupturing your Virginia,
So as not to give birth a child,
Who will chase out these ravenous hyenas!

Oh yes, Maikadra!
Did you forewarn,
The other Tigray agorae,
The coming of Aeolus of Amhara?

How come they too fell victims
To the same brutal rhythm,
Of sadomasochism;
And why is the world silent
Lying supine in a slant;
As if nothing is happening untoward
To account for and out right?


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