Sudanese troops inch closer to Ethiopian militiamen stronghold

Ethiopia Sudan

(Source: Sudan Tribune, Gedarif, 02 March 2021) –

Al-Burhan during a visit to the Sudanese troops on the eastern Sudan border after an attack by Ethiopian troops on 8 April 2020 (ST photo)

The Sudanese troops have inched closer to the largest stronghold in the Berkht of the Ethiopian militiamen in the border strip of Fashaga inside the Sudanese border, military sources said on Tuesday.

The Sudanese government forces on Monday have launched an attack on the Ethiopian army-backed militiamen who recently penetrated deep inside Sudan abducting some farmers and looting their harvest in the Gadaref State.

“Fierce clashes have been taking place between the two sides since Monday but the Sudanese army is progressing steadily towards Berkht which at 5 km from the international border between the two countries,” said the military source preferred anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to the press.

The lack of military response to the recent attacks frustrated the Sudanese farmers, but it appeared that the military command in Khartoum was planning for a large-scale attack on the Amhara gunmen who intensified their attacks on the farmers of Fashaga.

Sudanese army recently said Eritrea deployed troops in Berkht. However, Asmara dispatched senior officials to Khartoum to deny their involvement in the standoff with Ethiopia.

Asmara is carrying out a war against the TPLF which is accused of destabilizing Eritrea and refusing to evacuate its troops from the border town of Badme, which caused the war between the two countries.

Ethiopian officials say the military component of the transitional government in Khartoum serves the interests of a third party in reference to Egypt.

In return, the Sudanese government says the Amhara ethnic group which now rules the neighbouring country seeks to achieve its territorial ambitions in Sudan.


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