Breaking News: Internal Ethiopian Government document leaked “Briefing Note on the Latest Developments in the Tigray region 02 March 2021”

Ethiopia Tigray

(By Mekete Tigray UK, 04 March 2021) –

The following document labelled “Briefing Note on the Latest Developments in the Tigray Region” and it “is an internal document which is not meant for circulation”. The document shows the level of fear and what the Ethiopian government in Addis Ababa wants to campaign against the international pressure and its latest attempt to misinform the UNSC, the EU and the US on the continuing war in Tigray.

The document states that in the light of the EU, the US and other countries’ pressure on the Ethiopian government, Ethiopian embassies and missions are instructed:

“To actively engage diplomatically over the coming days with particular focus in Europe and America as well as in the capitals of UNSC members. Embassies and missions are expected to be impactful in their diplomatic engagements. They should do everything possible to demarche the appropriate officials in their host countries. Embassies and missions are required to submit daily reports of their engagements, focusing not on what they delivered as a message to the officials in the respective host countries, which are the obvious and their job to do, but on what feedback and reactions they got of these encounters.”

Embassies and missions are obviously told to misinform the US, the EU and the UNSC members in the war in Tigray using the honey coated phrases “the latest developments in the Tigray region” on “unfettered access to humanitarian aid”. Whereas, the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments are continuing to commit genocide, rape, war crimes, war crimes against humanity, gross human rights abuses, ethnic cleansing in southern and western Tigray, looting and destruction of public and private properties in villages and towns and cities in Tigray.


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