The un-civil war in Ethiopia: an Eritrean perspective

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(Source: Ethiopia Insight, by Paulos Tesfagiorgis, 03 March 2021) –

1 thought on “The un-civil war in Ethiopia: an Eritrean perspective

  1. Allegations made by the incumbent puppet govt in Ethiopia, failed state, are:

    TPLF tampered the data centre equipment which led to telecom service interruption in early November 2020 and destroyed the transmission lines and fibre optic cables damage caused by TPLF estimated at more than Birr 240 million with repair efforts underway. 195kms of roads have been damaged by retreating TPLF militia, an estimated budget of Birr 11 million required to maintain damages of roads.

    Ethiopia rejects any partisan interventions and politically motivated campaigns against the country and government, aimed at undermining the rule of law measures it has taken (referring to UNSC, UN, EU and foreign media . THis sentence contradict with “The Federal Government of Ethiopia encourages international partners interested in supporting our efforts of rebuilding the Tigray region. Engagements need to be based on ensuring that the people of the region receive the assistance they need for life to fully return to normalcy.”


    Statement on the Tigray Region Rule of Law Operations

    1.Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia,March 3, 2021.Addis Ababa

    2. Abiy A. (DB 1976- 2021 (yr of death). Medemer-unity by gun: prosperity Gospel and its role in restoring amharanized ethiopia, minilik palace, arat kilo: School of daydream and superstition.

    The letter underscore, As of March 3, 2021, the State of Emergency Task Force will be led by General Yohannes Gebremeskel Tesfariam

    These two opponents are now playing with the lives of innocent people. TDF soldiers freed many ENDF soldiers giving them a civilian clothings . In that video the thing that turned me to look green around the gills is that TDF soldier said “you are our brothers. Yes, we all are brothers and sisters as long as we are created in the image of and likness of God.”

    However, we are not in the situation that we could witness and celebrate this resemblance of being humanbeing. They are killing mercilessly our children, mothers, brothers and sisters. Besides, they are destroying our history, burning our churches and manuscripts.

    The attrocity perpertrated against civilians and religious figures could not be tolerated even in the context of religion. We have priests who joined the army due to the savagery of the enemy. Most people are condeming the war because people are targeted on the basis of their ethnicity. Our heritage is getting destroyed under the disguise of apprehending TPLF leaders.

    Just show those videos to ICC, UNSC, EU or other officials but not to those poor Tegarus who lost their family. This is just an act of Hypocrisy. Today, you show us the brutal act of ENDF, Eritrean troops and Amhara militia. On the other day you insist of showing the release of ENDF soldiers by TDF which is not nice.

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