How many enemies does Tigray have to fight?

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(By Tigray Academic Diaspora Europe (TADE), 05 March 2021) –

Russia, China and India blocked UN Security Council a joint statement on the crisis in the war in Tigray siting it was an internal matter.

How many enemies do we [Tigrayans] have to fight? It looks and feels daunting and propels self-doubt, unsure that whether we could defeat them all engaging us in military and psychological warfare. But we will as those before us, Jannock Paladins of the past did fight for the truth and justice; but it will be tough and testing. Need I tell you Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed were besieged and broke the chains, free the world to see light!

The world witnesses young, old, men, women, including livestock killed strewed in the streets blood covered, and yet the likes of China, Russia and India expressed such crimes as internal matter they would not lean support and condemn the perpetrators.

But what do we expect from these countries who themselves have trespass the rule of law and denied their own citizens both in the past and present? The three counties are the product of empires who share the same lust for land, resources and slave labour as the Amharas do in our neck of woods.

Just before the Chines Revolution, does not mean things have changed any better now, the warlords mutilated the insteps of young girls as long feet was regarded unattractive risking a lack of opportunity to join the Harim the warlords possessed to choose from for a night pleasure. A society infused with such cultural decadence would not be bothered about women being rapped in Africa so long they the continent is a soft ground money to generate.

China also has the history of oppressing ethnic minorities to strictly observe the rules of the opposing masters. The entire Moslem community residing in the north west is still constantly harassed and persecuted just for being believers of Islam. They are systematically and crudely indoctrinated to change their religion using the cover of fighting terrorists, a blanket excuse to deny the rights for being a Moslem as a divine right one is entitled to exercise.

China is currently actively engaged to de franchises the people of Hongkong and Taiwan to exercise their rights for self-determination Considering all these what do we expect china’s position would be when it comes to Tigray which is under blanket if terror?

The Russians too is the guardian of a remnant empire of the past, after losing Estonia, Belarus Latvia and Lithuania, it is fighting tooth and nail to keep Chechnya and claim land from Ukraine it occupied using settlers.

Likewise, India’s hands are equally bloodstained. Leave aside its cast system where the untouchables have remained but just that – untouchables second class citizens living at the margins picking crumps of morsels. India is also worried that recognising and objecting human rights abuse would question its control of Kashmir against the will of the people.

There is a theory in Economic: “The Paradox of the Thrift”. The more you want to save, the less you end up saving.

These three countries are all over the world looking for quick money to climb the ladder to be world powers. But they will never reach and realise their dreams. Money and guns alone will not enable to gain supremacy. One needs to have integrity to win the minds and pockets of humanity. They may run by tantivy but will not cross the finishing line and beat the incumbent unless the humanity is behind the cause and render support. They have too many old rags in the baggage to schlep and reach the mountaintop.

They are the victims of their own schemes. They will short-change, swap positions as it feels suit. The EORDF introduced China to Africa in good faith and look what China did in return?

Tigray will overcome and prevail regardless these shelockmeisters close door deals to denying it just cause to live in peace!

We demand the UN to block the Ethiopian airlines and Ethiopian airspace.


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