Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada: Urgent Call to Demand the Immediate Withdrawal of Eritrean Forces from Tigray

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March 03, 2021

The Right Honorable J’ustin Trudeau, MP
Prime Minister of Canada Office of the Prime Minister
Ottawa, ON KIA OA2

RE: Urgent Call to Demand the Immediate Withdrawal of Eritrean Forces from Tigray

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Canada is known internationally to be a prominent leader for human rights, peace and democracy, and we believe that no other country is in a better position to stop the genocide that is unfolding in Tigray, Ethiopia.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Based on our observation so far, we believe Canada has abandoned its global leadership and responsibility by staying quite when a genocide, rape and extrajudicial execution of civilians, and destruction and looting of Hospitals, places of worship Universities, factories and residential places are being razed, robed and transported to Eritrea and other parts of Ethiopia.

This has been collaborated and well documented by Amnesty In’ternational, Human Rights Watch, the New York Times, CNN, United Nations, the European Union just to name a few. The stark similarity between the case of Tigray and that of Rwanda genocide cannot be overstated. We are witnessing a second-generation Rwanda like genocide taking place while the world including Canada is watching. In this regard we have a firm belief that your Excellency will play a pivotal role in galvanizing African and other leaders to stand for justice and peace.

We found the silence of the Canadian government to be deafening while harrowing massacre has been unfolding in Tigray region for the last 4 months.. By now it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of civilians have been massacred, over two and half million people displaced and over four and half million people on the edge of starvation. The atrocities are too horrific and unbearable to list.

The culprits for this Mayhem are dictators Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia and Isayas Afwerki of Eritrea.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

In 1994 at the height of the massacre in the former Yugoslavia, Canada was leading the global community in stopping the genocide and our defense forces gallantly participated and some gave their lives to stop the war. We are proud of Canada’s leadership then and we expected Canada to play a similar leadership in Tigray.

Although Mr. Abiy was so far seen as a peacemaker in the eyes of the outside world, domestically he has been asserting his authority unconstitutionally. Before he declared war against the Tigrayanleadership, he had used the military to unconstitutionally remove the regional governments of Somali, BenishanguI-Gumuz, Amhara, and Afar regions. Ongoing large-scale war in the Oromia region against the Oromo Liberation Army continues. Government as well as other parastatal forces are massacring hundreds of people and displacing them by the thousands in Metekel in Benishangul, southern Ethiopia and many other locations.

The assassinations of General Seare Mekonnen, chief of general staff of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces; the country’s most prominent engineer Mr. Simegnew Bekele, who was the chief project manager of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, the largest in Africa; and president of the Amhara Region, Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen were indicators of the dictatorial and murderous nature of Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopia has become a hell to its citizens. There is no region that is not under Military Command in Ethiopia. Tigray was the only peaceful place until Abiy Ahmed and Isayas Afework of Eritrea decided to invade with hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Defense Forces, Amhara Militia and Special forces, Eritrean conscripts that include mechanized forces and drones from UAE.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Abiy’s war in Tigray has also created one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern Ethiopian history in coordination with the Eritrean government of President Isaias Afwerki, who has unofficially assigned himself dictator for life. The forces of Mr. Abiy and Mr. Isayas have committed and continue to commit unimaginable atrocities in Tigray under complete communications blackout. For almost four months now, civilian areas continue to be shelled indiscriminately with so much loss of life and property damage including heritage buildings dating back at least 1,000 years.

All vital services have been cut off by the government. There is no electricity, telephone, internet, banking or transportation in much of Tigray. Tigray is not only disconnected but could soon be worse than it was during the 1985 famine due to the government’s refusal to provide humanitarian access, which are all crimes against humanity under international law.

The Abiy government gives lip service to the demands from the international community and because he is afraid the truth will come out and he and his allies will be brought to the International Criminal Court.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

We urge your government to publicly demand the immediate and complete withdrawal of the Eritrean Army and the Amhara militia from Tigray, the immediate cessation of hostilities, the opening of humanitarian corridors, as well as access to international media and independent investigators. Canada must maintain its leadership in preventing and putting an end to such kind of atrocities anywhere. We urge Canada to help stop the war using all means at its disposal. The Canadian government should play an active role and take a swift action against those committing genocide.

We trust, Canada as Ethiopia’s strategic development partners will do its best to lift the people of Tigray out of this tragic environment and push to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Download the letter (PDF): Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada: war in Tigray



1 thought on “Letter to the Prime Minister of Canada: Urgent Call to Demand the Immediate Withdrawal of Eritrean Forces from Tigray

  1. Dear Brothers and sisters (from Tigray- autonomous nation)

    I found it very baffling to see the UNSC , UN , and other entities unwilling to take a decisive action for such long time, over 4 months, that could bring the ongoing genocide to a halt. Precious lives have been lost and and incalculable damages have been inflicted to our public and private infrastructure . our endemic heritages which are absolutely exquisite and priceless have been the subject of robbery and arson .

    Several Churches were burned and our church leaders were slaughetered mercilessly . All these incalculable damage is caused by the masterminds of the genocide , amhara elites , and Eritrean demagogue leaders supported by UAE.

    Three months ago, we heard amhara elites relating the killings in shashemene to a religiouslly motivated attack. You may read it here https://newlifeethiopia.org/2020/07/06/ethnic-violence-burns-shashemene/

    Our Tegaru leaders are constantly saying the massacre of Priests and laity of Tigrian Orthodox church in Axum and elsewhere in Tigray has nothing to do with religious motivation . Is it because Eritreans or Isayas Afewerki is christian ? is it because not to give offense to other religious entities or sects or members ? What are those possible reasons or assumptions behind this silence and reluctance. Most of those damaged and stolen artifacts belong to Tigray via Tigirian Orthodox church, you may be unwilling to pronounce and hold the same view but this view have several facts.

    This is my personal opinion. I am not writing on behalf of a priestly class of Tigrian laity .

    The Russian Government vowed to defend Christianity worldwide upon receiving a request from The representative of the Russian Orthodox Church , in Feb 2012, urging him to use his power to aid their situations(i;echristians persecution and plight) read at https://www.christianpost.com/news/vladimir-putin-vows-to-defend-christianity-worldwide.html
    The Russian govt was extoled and lauded by the Syrian president Assad as the Only World Leader Protecting Christians.

    Christianity is the most widely professed religion in Russia and 71% of its population is identified as the Orthodox Christian believer. How come Russia ignore the presecution and plight of Christians in Tigray ? How come these people turn a deaf ears to the pleas of Tegarus ?

    May be you need to consider writing a letter to those countries providing the reality on the ground and the agony of Tegarus to Russian govt and other countries just as you sent to teh Canadian Governement.

    አብ ሻሸመኔ ዝተቀትሉ ልዕሊ ፩፮፮ ስባት መብዛህቲኦም ክርስቲያን እዮም እሞ ናይ ሀይማኖት ጦርነት እዩ ኔይሩ ኢሎምና አምሓሩ፥ንሕና ተጋሩኸ አቦታትና ካህናት፥ፈለስትታት ክህረዱን፥ቤተክርስትያናትና ክቃጸላ እንከለዋ እንታይ ክንብል ???

    note: you could omit some of those sentences if you find them less courteous or displeasing . My intent is to share my views and concerns . YikeniyeleyYikeniyeleyYikeniyeley

    “RT online reported that Metropolitan Hilarion, foreign relation chief of the Russian Orthodox Church presented evidence and statistics that stated, “Every five minutes one Christian was dying for his or her faith in some part of the word.”

    Christians face persecution in many nations; from church demolition in Afghanistan and bombings of churches in Iraq, to the violence against Christians taking place in rebellious towns in Syria.” The killings of christians in Tigray is not different to this report even if all Tegarus are killed regardless of their religious background. Why are most of our priests and churches targeted ? does it not sound to you the killings in Tigray motivated by both ethnic and religious agenda ? What is the background of all those soldiers ? Somalian and other Eritrean soldiers with various ethnic and religious views ?

    previously been left by someone in tigrai online comment box hilighting tha fact that there are communities in Eritrea who have fanatic and extreme religious standing against Christianity .

    Read more:




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