World Bank Group Statement on Current Situation in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Tigray
(Source: World Bank, 05 March 2021) –
World Bank concerns about 'unrest in Ethiopia'
Ethiopia is currently facing challenging times and the World Bank Group is keenly following the latest developments in the country. The unrest in Ethiopia is unfortunate and of great concern. Such events undermine all the encouraging economic and social development outcomes the country has achieved in recent years. 

2 thoughts on “World Bank Group Statement on Current Situation in Ethiopia

  1. Soon after expressing its concern about the ongoing political unrest and chaos in the country, World bank acknowledged the economic and social devt made by TPLF. Abiy did made nothing except destroying the already existed infrastructure.
    Tegarus made an excellent achevement in educational expenditures and school enrolment in the country enabling citizens entry to educational instituions to get quadrupled, child mortality rate reduced in half and made the majority of the population to have access to clean water in doubled manner.

    However, ethiopia government is reportedly been engaged in ethnic based profiling,practicing discrimination, unwilling to pave teh way to a meaningful consultation to resolve internal issues ,crime against the effective public participation being inclined to one man and one ethinic rule , property rights violated leaving several public and private properties destroyed and subjected to arson, accountability- meaningful accountability has ceased to exist among PP cadres , lack of transparency and good governance has been prevailed in Arat Kilo whose trade mark is an Ostrich instead of a Lion(Ye tenkuyoch bet- ye hilmegnaw niguse medebekiya .

    Just a Side note ,World bank has been helping this country ( simuwan kes yitraw ye amhara ager) see devt in education, health, clean water, livelihood support, women empowerment, social and environmental protection in all regions(112 million people) including Tigray.

    Our budget was used to bomb and kill our children. Abiy was speaking as if he is gonna generously give us money from A poor box, alms box, offertory box based in Properity Gospel church . What a damn hypocrite man is he ?? He is simply a freeloader who fills his belly from the money he gathered in the name of poor men.

    ‘As a development focused organization, the World Bank does not have the mandate to get involved in the internal governance issues of its member states” the above statement is open to criticism, World bank is a devt focused org, so it doesn’t interfer with internal issues of its member state. Does its scope hinders it not to involve in our affaire ?
    However, they clearly showed they already expressed that we still faces many challenges, and we need support to withhold our dev’t.

    How could a sensible intergovernmental organization justify itself like that when a dire and serious situation as much as mass starvation, genocide leave millions in life threathening circumstance???

    BTW, ethiopians, I mean amhara people living in US and EU are organizing a demonstration for 9& 10 th of March in a bid to protest the action that USA is about to take gainst Prosperity party , we should also demonstrate against them in peacefull manner showing to the world the fcat that they are crying for one one rule and want to amhara hegemony in the guise of one united Ethiopia.

    Thank you for your understanding and continued support to the voiceless people of Tigray. Tigray will unquestionably prevail soon!

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