It is an internal Matter: Is It?


(By Temsgn Kebede, 10 March 2021, Warning graphic & sensitive Videos at the end of this page) –

It is an internal Matter!

It is with an irony
Why still have a tyranny,
When nations seated in comfort balcony,
And pretend to preach peace & harmony!
But is ethnic cleansing,
An internal matter,
To be left in the hands of a dictator?

How long would a woman
Has to wait for justice delivered in sweven,
When her pudenda, first gang raped,
Then staffed with bundles of plastics,
And then sealed with tack headed long nails?
A work of a devil
That goes beyond a debase d’s revel!
As if murdering is not enough,
Young boys bodies are thrown down the cliffs.
Parents could not reach,
For descent burial to get momentary relief!
All these in the name of internal matter
A nation has to take care,
Others need not get to interfere!

And so, Nations with veto blocking power
Are just doing that – refusing to interfere.
But we know better
“Kids who suffer from flatulence
Decline to jump and bounce
For fearing releasing mephitic gases!”

So nations with Similar concerns
And Issues in their own corners,
Are reminded of foreboding horror,
Opening the can of worm only to be devoured!

But not to come to aide is one thing,
But to block others,
Using a position of power,
Is a different kettle altogether?

Why then take a seat,
If one is not committed to an international oath to meet
To prevent disaster and deliver justice,
Regardless of the malfeasance
In his backyard he practice ?

To prevaricate and obstruct others
From carrying out a duty they pledged
They would do come hell or high water!
This is treachery we should not simply sit!

It is an internal matter indeed;
To wreck a woman’s honour
Fo a preverse sexual greed!!



Warning graphic & sensitive Videos

Eritrean soldiers repeatedly gand raped her, and then inserted nails and stones in her vagina. Doctors had to remove the nails and stones.

Warning graphic & sensitive Video of execution unarmed civilians

Ethiopian Troops and Amhara Militia commited war Crimes agianst humanity

The following video Footages show that Ethiopian soldiers and Amhara militia openly massacred Tigrayan civilians.



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