Tigray Academic Diaspora in Europe: Test case on UN Resolution 2417

Ethiopia Tigray

H.E. Manoah Esipisu

45 Portland Pl, Marylebone,

London W1B 1AS

United Kingdom

Your Excellency,

We, the Tigraian Academic Diaspora, residing in Europe and across the world, would like to bring to your attention the following information that has come out from the office of Colonel Abiy Ahmed, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From the 11 pages, we have extracted the paragraph referring to your esteemed government:

“Kenya assumes the Chairmanship of the African Union Peace and Security Council this month. It will start its work on 4 March 2021, with a discussion on the role of the African three (A3) members of the UNSC and how the PSC’s position could be adequately reflected in the decision making of the UNSC on African peace and security issues. In light of the latest dynamics in the UNSC, A3 members could raise the situation in Tigray and how to go about it in the upcoming UNSC open Debate (See below).

Kenya is also planning to convene a High-Level PSC Summit on 9 March 2021, which will be dedicated to a discussion on sustainable peace in Africa. Although the meeting will focus on climate change and its impact on peace and security on the continent, and follow up on the decision of 14th AU Extraordinary summit on the Western Sahara issue, its broad theme could potentially allow the Council to pronounce itself on the situation in the Tigray region. This is possibly the reason for the high-level engagement by the US with Kenya and the DRC.”

In this light we would like to bring to your esteemed government’s attention to the following cardinal points that could help your Ambassador at the UNSC submit a sound motion on Tigray:

  1. As you know, wars do not start in a day but after a long chain of events and reactions. The ongoing war in Tigray was not started on 3 Nov. 2020, but years earlier: after the blocking of high roads going from Addis to Tigray, 3000 uprooting Tigrians from Metema, the assassination of the Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Saare Mekonnen (a Tigraian), ethnic profiling and imprisoning Tigraians from all government institutions, and lastly, garrisoning of the army at the north-west and south Tigray borders. In fact, the political struggle and rivalry between the Amhara and Tigraians goes back hundreds of years; details retained for brevity’s sake.
  2. TPLF is the first political party that ever resolved this unnecessary rivalry among different ethnic groups by devolving the central power to regional constituencies (Federal system), bringing all ethnic groups onto an equal footing, and introducing proportional representation in the Federal House and the Parliament. Unfortunately, this equality upset the ruling Amhara oligarchy, which has been plotting for the last 20 years to regain its glorious hegemony. The Amhara supremacist attitude can be deduced from the words of the Ethiopian Ambassador to the AU, and what he said when he was a young student in the USA, please see this link: https://fb.watch/2b-kBek4HY/
  3. After all the provocation outlined in #1 above, TPLF became the first party in Africa to abdicate power without a shot being fired and retreated to its regional state gracefully; despite possessing the capacity and manpower to thwart the plot instigated by Col. Abiy Ahmed and his cohorts. Although TPLF left them in peace, Col. Abiy’s camp did not feel secure, because of their incapacity, inexperience and incompetence. Hence the plot to eradicate TPLF once and for all started to brew, with a war that would take “only 3 days to conclude” – As a result of the above-mentioned lack of experience and strategic thinking, the government miscalculated the time the war would take and here we are, over 3 months later and the war is still continuing as you well know, with colossal suffering for the Tigrayan people but also heavy losses on the government side.
  4. We the academics know, and presumably the world knows too, that TPLF never championed nor instigated secession, but wanted to maintain the hard-won right – fighting the Derg for 17 years, sacrificing 60,000 youths – to self-govern its regional state. Some African governments such as that in Uganda seem to have believed that the TPLF wanted secession – this is because they were misinformed by the Ethiopia government said it was simply carrying out a “Law enforcement operation” to “maintain the integrity of Ethiopia,” as the world knows it. In fact, under cover of war, Col. Abiy’s lack of self-confidence stems from his desire to become the unchallenged “7th King of Ethiopia” as his mother foretold, he would be (as he frequently tells journalists). He dreams of bringing back old Amhara centralized glory, not only over Ethiopia but also over the Horn of Africa, as you may have noticed him saying at the last IGAD meeting (12 Nov. 20), whence he bragged that he was representing Eritrea too (before the shameful scaffolding started).
  5. With his lack of experience in strategic thinking, Col. Abiy sought guidance and advice on how to liquidate TPLF, to ensure his long-lasting royal reign. This gap was filled by the enemy of TPLF, the pariah and long-serving dictator Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea, who took the advantage to settle the losses he encountered at Badme in 1998. This clearly explains the war pact concluded between the two, which was followed by an exchange visits to military institutions, supposedly secret places for foreign elements, the week before the war was planned to be executed. This pact not only deceived the Norwegian Prize Committee but also the whole world, as the unfolding stories of atrocities and gruesome pictures of genocide have revealed and still the truth coming out via various restricted outlet, as one can see in this link: https://www.dw.com/en/anger-and-collective-trauma-scar-ethiopias-tigray-region/a-56794452
  6. Indisputably, the operation is no more an internal matter but also it affects the whole Horn of Africa as it is a war of genocide that has broken all international laws and basic human norms. Abominable sexual violence and killing by starvation have been deployed as weapons of annihilation. All non-military institutions established in the last 30 years and centuries-old religious structures have been decimated. Please see the attached links above. The proof that the war was meticulously planned for maximum infliction/genocide/ are:

(a) It happened when the harvest was not collected, when Col Abiy had no imminent threat at  his door;

(b)  When a swarm of locusts infested the whole region, as the PM said himself explicitly on the national media;

(c)  When the whole world’s attention was on the US election and the incumbent president would not be able to take any serious decisions;

(d)  Three days before the first bullet was fired, Col. Abiy implored Chief of Staff General Al Burhan of Sudan, to seal off their border to prevent TPLF fighters from escaping.

In this light, as most of we academics who have passed through Nairobi and know well your democratic history;  we humbly appeal to your good conscience to take seriously the plight of Tigraians and all people of the Horn of Africa, to come up with sensible resolutions next week, that will silence the guns in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa, at large. The humanitarian issues can follow the silencing of the guns, we hope! If at all you need further details on Tigray, Ethiopia situation, we have attached a few documents for your perusal.

We remain, with great anticipation,

Yours very truly

Tigray Academic Diaspora in Europe, UK-Branch.


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