Federal Police free Keria Ibrahim as prosecutors seek to bring terrorism, criminal charges against 20 former TPLF leaders

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At a court hearing in February, the police claimed they have secured ten witnesses to testify against Keria. Photo: HoPR

Addis Abeba, March 11/2021 – The Federal police has told a federal court this morning that Keria Ibrahim, former speaker of the House of Federation, (HoF) was already released from detention. Keria, a member of TPLF’s Executive Committee, was reported by state affiliated media as having surrendered on December 01/2020.

At a court hearing in February, the police claimed they have secured ten witnesses to testify against Keria on her alleged involvement in crimes associated with TPLF leadership by consulting and giving orders of implementations. Lawyers however argued that Keiria, who was listed first in the former MP & state Minister for Transport, Mulu Gebregziabher’s file, has been detained for 40 days without appearing in a court of law. Keiria told the judges that she was held in private facility for in a location she didn’t know.

Now, the police told judges at the Federal First Instance Court, Arada Division, pre-trial appointment hearing bench that she was already released. Keria herself was a no show at the hearing.

Similarly, Hireyit Mihireteab, former President of Tigray National Regional State’s Supreme Court, and Woldegiorgis Assefa, former advisor of Tigray National Regional State Government were each granted 30,000 birr bail. While Keriya had already been released without bail, Hireyit and Woldegiorgis were bailed on conditions of periodically reporting to the court if the prosecutors required it. Amdemariam Tessema former head of office of Tigray Region’s Ombudsman Bureau, and was the 8th defendant on Abay Woldu’s file, is also granted 30,000 ETB bail.

With regard to 20 other defenders, the police said they have finished their preliminary investigations and handed over the case to the federal prosecutors. The file included party founder Sebhat Nega and TPLF veteran Abay Woldu.

The federal prosecutor is now seeking to establish charges of terrorism on the bases of attempts to dismantle the constitutional order.

The defense team argued that today’s court hearing was set to identify the nature of involvement in the alleged crimes and that the charges should be presented to the court in writing. The prosecutor responded by explaining that the file will be presented during the upcoming court hearing. 

Accordingly, the prosecutors accused the first defendant on the file Sebhat Nega as having contributed to the attack on the Northern Command on November 03 by providing training and consultation. The prosecutor has also accused Sebhat as having advocated for the war and calling the federal government illegitimate.

Tekleweyni Assefa, the seventh defendant on Sebhat Nega’s file, was accused of stealing 50 million ETB from the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), according to the prosecutor. Others, including Ambassador Abadi Zemu, Tewodros Hagos (PhD) and Gebremedhin Tewolde were accused of preparing three months worth food stocks for Tigray Defense Forces (TDF), alongside Tekleweyni. 

Kidusan Nega was accused of recruiting the youth and campaigning for a war. Mulu Gebregziabher who was initially in the same file with Keria is now facing criminal charges and is added to the newly established file number 220866. Addisalem Balema also was added to the file, making it the 17th defendant out of the 20 defendant facing terrorism and criminal charges.

Defense lawyers plea for their clients be released on bail was not granted; instead the the court ordered that they can follow their cases while being detained in a Federal Prison facility in Addis Abeba. AS


2 thoughts on “Federal Police free Keria Ibrahim as prosecutors seek to bring terrorism, criminal charges against 20 former TPLF leaders

  1. ለአህያ(የአማራ ልሂቃን) ማር (ክብር ፥ሹመት) አይጥማትም ሆነና ነገሩ says:

    All the required budget that must be alloted to Tigray and Tigray regional forces was stolen by PP cadres and used to bomb, kill, and destroy Tigray. They are accused of the task that they have to accomplish on behalf Colonel Abiy and his Team.

    The duty and mission is misinterpreted taking the feud between the regional and so-called federal government into account which makes it very biased and subjective to(inclined to) the interest of Prosperity Party.IN simple terms, all these allegations are politically and ethnically motivated .

    My message to all Tegraus who might still claim to be ethiopians and those even feel sad about their ties with ethiopia and ethiopianism is as follows:

    We can’t forsee the possible dangers , atrocities and loss of heritages we have for years to come. However, we could only take caution and protect our children, next generations to come, and heritages by establishing our independent Tigray.

    Many agreed, we couldn’t have been killed and lost priceless heritages if we had established an independent Tigray while TPLF was in Power.

    All those attrocities committed in Tigray were reduced down to internal conflict and military operation since our leaders and forefathers agreed to live with Amhara being reluctant to establish Tigray as full-fledged independent Tigray in Africa. We are responsible for what we are deciding and doing now and will certainly impact future Tegarus and must work hard to bring an independent Tigray into existence so that we could avoid any likely and unlikely danger on our children and great grand children.

    All those crimes committed on our people are undoubtedly committed on our family member. It is the geographical location, our presence in the crime scene and before perpetrators that made this difference in our existence and be able to witness this crime than being real victims. We have still affected by the ongoing war that cause the suffering of our family members from starvation, severe and minor injury.

    Ethiopia and Ethiopianism is created by political elites who seek to control and govern not by God . Donot get confused and mistook the religious indentity( as christian or Muslim) with ethiopianism we have been delivered at church or mosque.Ethiopia is made by amhara who constantly relate ethiopianism with Orthodox Tewahedo church, and God-given unalterable and unchanging identity in order to rule the entire nations and nationalities by numbing them with such kind of opium.

    Unlike Amhara elites propaganda, TPLf, upon its assumption of power, restored buildings and lands that were snatched by the military Dergue regime led by Colonel Mengistu.People began to feel comfortable to speak about God and visit churches and take part in religious servies and sacred adventures. I remember youngesters call names “memire Abdela ” to Priests during Dergue Regime. Church servants were not respected by many people who are members of the then leading body, kaki lebashoch.

    In contrast to the hate speech made by Amhara such as TPLF is 666 , anti church in order to get support from majority of Christains , Protestant churches were authorized and have come to deliver Gospel without fear during TPLF . Muslims have started to exercise liberty than before. All these freedom of speech and religion of TPLF era are now ignored and denied by Amhara elites(kedaat- traitors) The truth is We never had private newspapers , oppostion political party, press organizations during Dergue( ሰዉ በላዉ ደርግ)
    ለአህያ(የአማራ ልሂቃን) ማር (ክብር ፥ሹመት) አይጥማትም ሆነና ነገሩ

    In the context of the teachings of bible scholars or any man who is devouted to his religious tenets, I cannot advise anyone to reconcile and let or force people to live in such a way that we did in the past by saying one religion(Tewahedo), one country(ethiopia) and one language (amharic or Oromia etc). Our fathers coaxed and persuaded us to leave together and we were bleeding and sacrifcing our people constantly for centuries. This should not be reptead again and gains and we cannot force or persuade any one in the name of unity and at the expense of any singe life and single sacred and secular heritage we inherited from our fathers that we supposed to hand it to our children . We cannot die and let others die for ethiopianism and soccaled unified ethiopia which is made and instilled into us by political elites. We cann still worship God and set up church separately like different people; Tigrawaiyent is our ethnic identity and we are born to Tegarus and we must protect their children and their heritages.

  2. ለአህያ(የአማራ ልሂቃን) ማር (ክብር ፥ሹመት) አይጥማትም ሆነና ነገሩ says:

    There is one sentence missing in my comment, we religious leaders or member of priestly class , we donot preach revengful act and donot incite any sentiment that give rise to physical attack. However, I do boldy adivse any Tigraway to stay way from the socalled ethiopianism propaganda and ignore ethiyawinet kuzema and pretencious identity enforced by political elites. We can no longer be part of this satanic identity and offer our children as a sacrifice for years to come, perhaps till the dooms days, last coming of Christ. It is not a crime or asin to pray with your family member and avoid those who could endanger your family members and chidren. let them leave alone and leave us alone and no more compulsion of any citizen to adopt and maintain ethiopianism which is the same act to inciting a Progressive Suicide on our people . Better to stay apart than endangering generations to come.

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