The war on Tigray: payment for Eritrea, drone shopping, capital flight

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A prominent Amhara diaspora media says Ethiopia paid half a billion dollar to Eritrea for its involvement in the war on Tigray, is negotiating to buy drones from Turkey in exchange for a share in Ethio Telecom, and there is an alarming capital flight from Ethiopia.

The media, Ethio 360 degrees, which is founded by a group that splintered from the anti-Tigray Amhara diaspora media, ESAT, said, in its 14 March program, it obtained several credible reports some of which it carefully considered against their harm on the country’s existence and decided to release some of them. Among those it released are Ethiopia’s drone shopping, payment for Eritrea, Abiy Ahmed’s money not known by the ministry of finance.

Ethio 360 said that following the change of administration in the USA and the departure of UAE’ drones from Assab, the Ethiopian government is desperately trying to secure drones from Turkey. For this purpose, the media said, the previous chief of staff of the Ethiopian Defence Forces was sent as ambassador of Ethiopia to Turkey. According to Ethio 360, Turkey agreed to sell drones on two conditions: deposit of money and a share either in Ethio Telecom or Ethiopian Airlines. Ethiopia agreed to deposit 1.7 billion dollars and a share in Ethio Telecom, claimed Ethio 360.

Regarding Ethiopia’s payment to Eritrea for its involvement in the war on Tigray, Ethio 360 claimed Ethiopia has so far paid half a billion dollars in cash, and other payments in kind, among which is shipload of oil to be sent to Eritrea every time Ethiopia imports. This payments are in addition to the loot by Eritrea of everything from Tigray.

Ethio 360 also said it had obtained credible information that there is an alarming capital flight from Ethiopia and that Ethiopia’s foreign reserves are in a dangerous low level.

The media also said that the money collected by Abiy Ahmed from individuals and state enterprises for different park projects and the money he obtained from foreigners and foreign organization in the name of gifts are not known by the ministry of finance. The media claimed this lack of transparency is creating problems with lenders.

The media, which largely supports the war on Tigray, fearing that the release of the information might help the Tigray cause, had to justify its release of this information and said it is withholding other more information in order not to jeopardize Ethiopia’s existence.




2 thoughts on “The war on Tigray: payment for Eritrea, drone shopping, capital flight

  1. Abiy is the most corrupted man that ever climbed up the ladder of power. How could this damn man condemn and accuse others while he is the most corrupted man ever? As far as eyes could see, we can’t find a tyrant, corrupted, and liar man like Abiy even if we search for it from pillar to post year after year, crooked of all time, hither and yon.

    BTW, this media anti-Tegarus, exposing the crimes of Abiy doesn’t sterilize them against those hate speeches they made on our people. They did propose to starve our people and put economic pressure against Tigray.

  2. Hello Abiy.mustbe.ousted, I totally agree with your comments and i know that Abiy ahmed is a pathalogical liar, a murderer and a corrupt individual, who was easily handed over a power he couldn’t handle. which he is unfit for who’s not even capable of managing a night club let alone a country. My question to you is which media proposed to starve our people and put pressure in Tigray’s already 100% destroyed & looted economy? whomever they maybe, they must be sadists who enjoy seeing the pain and suffering of victims of war crimes. And that’s an ugly quality to posses in any human being or a country.

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