The Horrors of the Hidden War: Inside the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia

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(Source: Channel4) – 

Sexual violence against women – one of the horrific weapons of war. In Ethiopia where the conflict between Ethiopia’s national defence forces and Eritrean troops on one side, and fighters from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front has been raging since last November, thousands of women have been raped and tortured.

The Ethiopian prime Minister Abiy Ahmed won the 2019 Nobel peace prize for ending one of Africa’s longest-running conflicts. But he now presides over a country where his troops are accused of aiding the abuse and torture of innocent people.

Our Africa Correspondent Jamal Osman managed to get into Tigray . He went to Mekelle the capital of the region – where thousands have already fled and scores of women and young girls have been raped.

He is one of the first foreign journalists to hear the stories in person of the women who have suffered unimaginably at the hands of the soldiers who raped and tortured them. This report contains highly distressing testimony.

Field Producer: Amir Aman Kiyaro
Cameraman: Elias Tefaye
Cameraman: Daniel Aray



1 thought on “The Horrors of the Hidden War: Inside the Tigray conflict in Ethiopia

  1. These Eritreans will undoubtedly pay the equivalent price. naturally, people pay all sorts of sacrifices for the choice they made be it something that has +ve or -ve impact on the society. I donot know why US and EU still let them stay in their territory ??? How come such criminal people be permitted to stay there when they are supporting the actors of genocide boldy and do demonstate in favor of them in the streets of US and EU ??

    If US, UNSC, UN, and EU officially speak up about the genocide in Tigray , they should not let live and give protection supporting the killing of innocent civilians in their land ?

    It will collide against each other when they officially condemn war crimes and let these people cry in the streets holding the photo of then killers and claim US is interfereing in the internal affiares of ethiopia in order to conceal crimes committed ?? why do Amhara elites pledged to work with other countries who practice a hands off policy being reluctant when children are dying before thier eyes ??

    Sum up, Thank you US , UK, and EU for all your support in condeming the war crime . However, our people are still dying lacking humanitarian aide , food and medical supplies and executed by those paid mercenaries who are rashing to exterminate every one before the international community do the militray action.

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