Amhara in a Zugzwang! 1-6


(By Yared Huluf, 25 March 2021) –

Amhara in a Zugzwang! 1-6

We value every minute
We are able to walk and sit
To Drink and eat;
Smile and pout
Aware of those left behind
Early grave confined

Now could not share
Our happiness or plight
For what it is worth
So much was the paid price
Pyrrhicvictory at times

My friend, you are after one thing
To unlawfully grab and sling
What is rightfully of other beings!

You may be a Croesus orgulous,
And us poor down to earth.
You may be a mammoth
And us, the reverse.
You may be a polyglot deipnosophist
And we may be curt, to say the least,
For lack of educational benefits.

You may have the power to dictate
Retrogradely affect other people’s fate.

You may, indeed have a fair skin colour,
No complain,
Dark is that of ours.
Let us place facts in order:
You are blessed, we concur,
That you lived longer;
As much as we wish us too do better,
That said, At the end of the day we all share;
Volen volence, Holous bolus,
We end up in the resting place;
All turned dust! No colour, riches, muscles;
And the comfort of power to trace!

And if someone stopped to requiescat;
And or pay a respect;
It is not the skin colour,
Nor the seat of power,
Or the riches one was once showered;
Let alone the steatopygia keister,
Or the protuberant venter,
Gleefully once displayed as a fame banner,
That they remember;
But what you stood for
That affected the lives of others:
Either your rapacious dour;
Or vicarious manners!!


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