Fools Paradizr!


(By Temesgn Kebede, 28 March 2021) –

If you look from a distance as a free thinker, Isaias and his acolytes are a disgrace traitors who betrayed the Eritrean people who fought for thirty years to regain their independence. But the canting streetwise hoodlum who from early age was inflicted with inebriety, sipping Derg from mead, left over by customers, was no freedom fight with intent to see Eritrea’s independence. Freedom seeking people, freedom seeking political organisation/s con and should not be a tool of suppression imposed on other freedom seeking people; as Isaias has become.

Commencing the dawn of 14th century the Amhara who emerged a nation saw the decline of Aksum as a soft spring they could easily bent and twist. Finally, in 1889 they entered into a deal and sold part of Aksum to Italy retaining the other half for themselves as a subordinate.

The Italians created a vassal state whose population was brainwashed that they came from another planet, that has nothing to do with their neighbour Tigray.

This delusion was tested against time, but it was not easy for some to accept the fact that they did not come from outer planet and that they are not that much advanced as they thought convinced by the Italian masters. But the hallucinating drag inhumed has kept the mind of some, the likes of Isaias, firmly transmogrified.

When a women not worthy mentioning her name from the Amhara ruling group of Gotham, visited Isaias in Asmera, a year ago, presented a douser of artefacts, made of gold that of the menhir of Aksum and alphabets of Geez to reinforce the concordat they signed whereby part of Tigray would be curved off and given to Eritrea and the remaining large chunk taken by Amhara, the dream Menelik reincarnated.

That is why the Eritrean are now issuing Eritrean identity card in the region it has invaded. A dream of drunkard boffins halfway dosing on the side of a street not knowing where they are heading!

Now the Amhara PM has agreed that Eritreans will exit, what has Isaias delivered for his acolytes? Shameful vagabond who does not learn an iota from his past reckless misdeeds! But can we expect from such an idiot; a family disgrace you wish not he ever come to exist; a progeny of Amhara flimflam once again hung to dry with an ort in his dribbling mouth!

As time moves forwards these addlepated biped beasts called human failed to progresses and began to go backwards. How could once a superpower and now desperately wanting to maintain its ci-decant status quo ante publicly states that partial removal of an Eritrean invading army will bring peace? Perhaps this defunct empire’s vested interest is in selling arms – the single most important item it has exported to the rest of the world ever since we know this country jogging for a place. No wonder it is a bonded by her former colonies and no new friends found exasperated running naked aimlessly like a mad wo/man without cloth. Shame!


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