An outline of the Abiy and Isaias Agreement on Tigray

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Insiders have provided details of the deal by Prime Minister Abiy and President Isaias on the so called “Army withdrawal from Tigray.” It needs to be seen in against the background of the roundup of child soldiers as young as 16 in Eritrea.

This way, they want to solve potential internal problems and bypass pressure from the UN, EU and US to force Eritrean and Amhara forces out of Tigray.

Technically there is no exit: instead a redeployment, a change of uniforms and budgeting.

The agreement has many components. The key ones are:

  1. To integrate 100-150k Eritrean forces (mainly the senior & middle commanders, trainers & mechanized & some infantry personnel) into ENDF, to fill the gaps left by troops lost during the war in Tigray. Ethiopian MOD Dr. Kenea Yaddeta & B/G Abraha Kassa will work on the details as soon as possible.
  2. Eritrea will train its own new forces (some are already in camps) but Ethiopia will finance the whole training cost, so that it doesn’t need to employ and train new forces in Ethiopia due to the “unwillingness of the youth” and fears that they will not do the work. Eritrea’s Chief of Staff General  Philipos supported by Birhanu Jula has been given the task.
  3. Among the Tegaru Army members who are excluded from the ENDF and detained at several unknown camps, some selected low ranking officers and ordinary members who went through the new PP indoctrination program, will be re-integrated into the Army. Dr. Abraham supported by Dr. Arkebe and General Mohammd Tessema have been given this the task to perform as soon as possible.
  4. Leaders of the Amhara PP (Temesgen and Demeke) agreed to allow 80-90% of the Amhara Leyu Hayle to be integrated into ENDF. The remaining will stay in the region financed by the regional government.


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  1. ……. knowing all these atrocities and plots, the world is watching idly ??????? They have no problem, they can get this plot and atrocities from the horses mouth, sadly speaking. Double agents like Abiy will plainly vomit to their masters without reservation and devoid of being restrained about the crime they had committed.

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