Funding needed as Food for the Hungry responds to evolving Tigray crisis

Ethiopia Tigray

(Source: Food for the Hungry) –

Current funding will help serve half a million people in need with food, water, clothing, and other basic supplies

International humanitarian organization Food for the Hungry (FH) has secured funding from the US government and World Food Programme to support on-the-ground efforts during the internal conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia. FH is scheduled to begin food distributions on April 1st, and is calling for additional funding from both private and public funding sources, to respond to the 4.5M people the UN estimates require assistance in the troubled region.

The new funding will allow FH to distribute food to 500,000 people in regions with high displacement and clear need. Upwards of 43,600 households will also receive lighting, blankets, sleeping mats, kitchen sets, clothing, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). FH is working with partners in key regions to install, operate, and maintain latrines, shower stations, and water supply, while offering hygiene training. In addition to the US-government-funded partnership with the Joint Emergency Operation Plan (JEOP) and the World Food Programme, FH has also received funds from the Dutch Relief Alliance for these relief initiatives.

“FH has quickly redeployed current staff and is hiring additional workers to ensure that the response moves quickly, thus providing basic human needs and restoring the dignity to those affected by the crisis in Tigray,” said Trisha Okenge, Food for the Hungry’s Ethiopia country director. “As the situation evolves, our team in Ethiopia, and our organization globally are doing everything we can to support.” Currently, more than 4.5M people, or 81 per cent of Tigray’s population (source: UN-OCHA), are estimated to be in need of humanitarian assistance, 737,000 of whom are IDPs. FH’s planned areas for response include Abergele Yechela,Tanqua Milash, Adet, Naeder, Tahtay Machew, Tselemti, Dima, Mai Tsebri, Shire town, and Mekelle town.


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