Senior Ethiopian and Eritrean officers arrive in Tigray with foreign experts

Ethiopia Tigray

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Two helicopters are reported to have arrived in a village in Tigray, with senior Eritrean and Ethiopian officers.

The village at which they landed is called Miraqk between Samre and Sokotta.

General Berhanu Jula, Chief of General Staff of Ethiopia, is reported to be on the mission, together with senior Eritrean officers.

Seven foreigners, said to be Europeans, rather than Arabs, are reported to be with them.

They remained in the location all day, with three of the foreigners then leaving, but four remaining.

Local people say they do not know what they are doing, but say the foreigners appear to be military experts.

They may be monitoring Tigrayan military movements, using satellite imaging and other equipment to scan the area.


1 thought on “Senior Ethiopian and Eritrean officers arrive in Tigray with foreign experts

  1. Kidimi eti quinat (war) miwlaii TPLF had told on TV that EDF is advancing and approaching the territories of Tigray. We have received a torrent of information hinting the fact that Eritreans are very close to our border, ETH Air force was visited by Isayas, amhara militias made attack on our federal army members and killed them at Tigrian soil (close to border). i.e. they made a prolonged preparation to invade Tigray. Drones coming to destroy our land and infrastructure are not requested after 4th of November 2020. They probably had asked the prince of UAE prior to the date they officially waged war on our people.

    This is just what I remember. Most of us we donot follow even news, we treated the matter as political case and we clamied we donot enagage in politics. Eventually, it turned out to be a war waged on our people but not a clash between two rival political parties. Our enemies are very crooked, evil and treacherous and pretend to be religious like the story of a pious cat.

    Our enemies are like a pious cat who seemingly bear asanctimonious soul, with an eye firmly fixed on the kingdom of heaven. They keep on saying – we amhara people, unlike Tegarus, are religious, we will win because God is with us, He will send his unseeable Angels, every countray who get against Ethiopia will disappear etc and, who all the while makes the lives of those on earth a living hell. But who would suspect murderous self-righteousness Amhara elites from an adorable kitty cat?

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