Aksum ዒልካ Gulo Mekheda: ጓዳ ጠበብቲ: ሰብ በላዕቲ ቡዳ!


(By Yared Huluf, 04 April 2021) –

Thence 3rd millennium BC
At its height ‘twas so busy;
Metallurgy or be it masonry in ascendency
Shipwright crafting was easy
To navigate the sea.
Gold, Silver, copper, iron ore
Many functions were these mined for.
Be it to mint coins,
Hammer out pendants, intricate chains,
Or erect menhirs.
All over were such skills displayed
To show with zeal how Aksum reigns;
No contender dare complains!!

That was then,
But after the 2 millennium that followed,
Never has there been a thing harder swallowed!

Had Aksum survived
The emerging Amhara’s onslaught
At its weakest time, pushed and fought;
Right now it could have gained the upper hand,
Become the most advanced nation in any land!

It’s sad to have happened to the best,
The craftsmen were made to disperse, vamoose,
No more to coalesce
To produce materials of use.

The Amharas engaged in cultural campaigns
Scapegoating craftsman as sorcerers
Staining their names
If cast an eye
On a passerby
The person was to instantly die!

What next lay,
Not suffice with the canard belie,
They were further accused,
Including the amphorae they made,
Had a magical spirit,
To turn into hyenas at night,
In People’s own abode,
Only to grab victims to eat!
Henceforth, outside they had kept.

‘No person in his right mind
Should go close to the Aksumites,
Unless one wishes one’s own demise!
They were walking beasts with evil eyes!’
Such was the Amhara plot,
Aksumite civilization the world had forgotten.
Right and left
With cultural and physical assault,
Burying it, secured in a vault,
Never again to see daylight;
For no other reasons or fault
Except for being a beacon of insight,
As well as zeitgeist of all might!

All these done,
To reverse history back to dawn,
In a bid to succeed and bring it under control,
Which proved improbable?
Due to the lack of skills near comparable,
The Amharas do not know how to lead,
Expect to muddle and pollute;
Bring people tête-à-tête,
At loggerheads
Or indulgence in debauchery, diablerie,
And diabolic doublethink-
Call it ስምና ወርቅ
Tittle tattle sarcastic
Which are hardly based on science?
To catapult a nation forwards to the peak,
To comfortably walk and talk
For the rest to flock
And by their free will be in hock!


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