Tigray under besiege of genocidal war for 150 days


(By Tigray Academic Diaspora in Europe (TADE), UK Branch, 04 april 2021) –

Whatever one calls the war its infliction is the same to Tigray & Tigrayans

Today, is Easter Sunday also known as Resurrection Sunday (on Gregorian calendar) and it is one of the most important days for Christians across the world as it marks the resurrection of Jesus Chris. 

This very day, Sunday the 4th of April also marks “150th day” since the onslaught on Tigray and Tigrean ethnics commenced and when the international community started to witness the mass killing,  rape and displacement of millions of people in the Regional State of Tigray, N. Ethiopia.  This is happening in front of our own eyes, perpetrated by the “Nobel Peace Prize” laureate,- Ethiopian’s unelected Prime Minster Col. Abiy Ahmed Ali and his accomplice in war crimes Mr. Isaias Afeworki of Eritrean, life-long ruler of the pariah state of Eritrea (also known as the North Korea of Africa), as well as  accompanied by brutal militia of the Amhara Regional State. 

Extensive & intensive human rights violations and genocidal war have been wage across the whole Tigray in the last 150 days, with meditated intent to wipe out the 7 million ethnic Tigrayans form the surface of the earth; as explicitly expressed, while executing & raping, by the perpetrators. Many experts and politician such as Mr Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, – described it as an “ethnic cleansing”  in view of the magnitude of the ongoing heinous war crime and human right violation Tigray, northern Ethiopia.

We, at TADE (Tigray Academic Diaspora in Europe), concord with the above assertion or we have the slightest doubt that the ongoing genocidal war intent was ethnic cleansing, as we had confirmed from our extensive research, among miraculously survived victims within & outside Tigray.   Now what matters is not the semantic debate between genocide or ethnic cleansing; but rather the visible impact on the people’s physical or psychological infliction, as this war is aim to eliminate the very existence of Tigrayan society, as a living entity.  This has been conformed not only from wanton massacre but the very words clearly & loudly stated by their aggressors; saying, “We are raping you to clean your blood. Do not go to hospital to ask for help, as we have some purposely infect you with HIV. When you get my sperm you will be Amhara etc.”

Furthermore, almost all civil structures such as hospitals, clinics, school and universities have been ransacked, destroyed and their record scatted. Much worse yet, almost all farm animals have been kill & slaughter or taken away to Amhara & Eritrea, as well farm tolls such as ploughs have been cut into pieces.  These stories can confirmed from the thousands IDP who are currently rough sleep, with their babies and vulnerable elders, in almost all towns

Also the United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide, was alarmed not on what is going in Tigray Regional State,  but on the magnitude and intensity of all these serious violations of International Humanitarian Law, explicitly referring  to extrajudicial killings, sexual violence, mass executions, looting of property and displacement of populations which he confirmed to be tantamount to clear genocidal.  In the same view, the British Member of Parliament Ms Helen Hayes has also presented an extensive report on widespread use of rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war, citing that estimated 10,000 women in Tigray have been raped. Similar reports have been echoed via various outlets such as Channel 4, the BBC and CNN expounding and exposing the horrific nature of those attacks, including kidnapping, imprisonment, rape and mutilation.

On Monday this week, an unprecedented letter signed by 12 leading figures in the international community called for the sexual violence to stop. They said there is only one medical facility in the whole region fully equipped to meet the survivors’ needs.

Only yesterday, the G7 group that includes the UK, the USA and the EU, called for the reported crimes to be investigated and those responsible to be held to account and they urged Eritrea to withdraw its troops that are fighting alongside Ethiopia army against the people’s resistance in Tigray.

As the investigation by BBC Africa Eye has also uncovered and broadcasted a massacre in Tigray region which was carried out by members of the Ethiopian soldiers and the BBC investigators revealed the precise location of the atrocity, in which at least 15 men were killed. In this light, various aid organisations have called up-on President J. Biden to deploy his leverage to advise Ethiopian Prime Minister Ahmed to stop the mass killings in Tigray, and halt the dire situation before Rwandan/Bosnian like disaster unfolds.

The tales of tale signs are already on the ground, as one newspaper exposed: “This is like Bosnia. It has been said that Ethiopians will dig up mass graves for ten years. This conflict began during the Trump Administration, but Biden is President now, and the world is watching

This week, on the national TV,  the pathological liar and pretentious tyrant Col Abiy Ahmed said “Any soldier found to be raping women or looting communities will be held accountable”  When actual his officers and some of the captured prisoners of war (POW) have confirmed that no ENDF should stop what the Eritrean soldiers do in or take from Tigray.  In fact, there was skirmish between the two forces when the later tried to take tanks to Eritrea, whereby the formers has to give up the resistance when an order came from higher ranking Ethiopian officer.  As a result the Eritreans not only intensified their atrocities on the Tigrayan civilians but also have started to look down the ENDF; saying,” You, donkeys, do not know how to fight!”

One of the other major lies Col A. A. Ali keeps on whisk repeatedly is the fact that the war was started by TPLF by attacking ENDF, garrisoned at Northern Command; when the whole world knows his, “law enforcing operation” was being planned over two years, ethnic profiling Tigrayans and firing off from their respective civil/military positions, and deploying national media & external racist TV stations  such as ESAT, he was orchestrating racial-hate innuendos such as  “Yeken-jibotch” “የቀን ጅቦች” meaning “Day light Hyenas”; “Tsegure-liwout” “ፀጉረ ልውጦች” meaning “alien /strangers” etc in attempt to raise ethnic war and social strife. Moreover, he denigrated all the socio-economic achievement score by TPLF leadership, which was witnessed by the whole world, including IMF & WB.   

Finally, in order to wage this war with any hiccup he assassinated the Army’s Chief Staff and other key personnel who happened to be Tigrayans.  As no one, including religious leaders, have not challenged his unfettered lies, Col. A. Ali keeps on passing the bucket to TPLF, even after the leaders left the central & regional gov’t for all wrongs in his leadership and failure to meet and address the people’s demand: employment and daily bread.  Tersely speaking in general, due to his lack legitimacy, personal confidence and leadership experience have brought the whole country to the bottom of its pride and achievement recorded so far.  The only way Ethiopia can regain its lost pride and annulled achievements, scored under the TPLF leadership is to call up cessation of hostility and to come to negotiation table of all stakeholders; as all wars are concluded on political table not battle fields 

The way forward

Let us ALL not be deluded by the rhetoric of we are the same people with the same history, same religion, etc… The Hutus and Tutsis speak the same Bantu tongues, practice Christianity and lived together for many years. Still, it did not save them from being engulfed from mass killing. Why? Because Rwanda had leaders from hell. It is not the people of Ethiopia or Eritrea who are killing the masses in TigrayIt is the government through deception, mischaracterization, demeaning and disinformation campaign, creating a national hatred against the targeted people in this case against Tigreans.  The Eritreans did not have any reason to commit that level of immense atrocity in Tigray but it was the work of their government and the media that was going on for years unabated. All the atrocities action was highly supported and coordinated by some government & private stations such as ESAT; FANA and some social media, and the government media against Tigrayans.  We at TADE believe that ALL the peace-loving people of the world have no more time to waste and let us wake up with a sense of urgency and work hard to STOP the WAR in Tigray.   Let us not minimize the situations and take them lightly. It is only with such seriousness and preparation that we can prevail and win.

In summary

Yes we at TADE do appreciate the fact that the US Senate has taken action by putting forward Senate Resolution 97 and condemned the atrocities taking place on ethnic Tigrayans and calls for independent investigations into the killings, and demands that the perpetrators of these crimes be held accountable but; the President Biden Administration has not taken yet a concrete or visible action to protect civilians in Tigray.  In fact,  the America nice words, unaccompanied by strict deadlines or visible action, have aggravated the Tigrayans’ suffering as the atrocity has been intensified by both Eritrean and Amhara forcers, saying, “Let’s see if the white man/America comes to spare you from our bullet or rape ?!”

 We now call upon on the international community and the peace loving of the world to immediately step in and protect the massacre and the ethnic cleansing of ethnic Tigrayans. We are therefore hoping against hope that the G7 Group that includes the UK, US and the EU to take immediate action to stop the mass killing and the raping of women and underage girls in Tigray.  We also call upon the G7 Group to put ‘No flight zone’ and sanctions against senior members of the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments and to provide a safe zone in Tigray for civilians seeking safety. We also call upon the G7 Group to work with the United Nations to stop the dropping of Cluster bombs and purchase drones that destroys any living things including vegetation in the land of Tigray, which has only scanty bushes.

Below, we quote the blog of H.E. Josep Borrell, the Higher Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security / policy / Vice President of the European commission stated:

“Firstly, hostilities must cease”

“Secondly, humanitarian access must be granted to all people in need in all areas.”

“Thirdly, investigations on human rights abuses must be carried out.”

“Fourthly, and particularly important, Eritrean troops must withdraw.”

“The longer a conflict lasts, the longer it takes for reconstruction, reconciliation and healing.


Tigray Academic Diaspora in Europe (TADE)

UK Branch


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