Blimey! Who is Amharas’ Arch Enemy?

(By Temesgn Kebede, 06 April 2021) –
Blimey! Who is Amharas’ Arch Enemy?

It is not the ramshackle economy,
With a Tyranny  in company.
It is not poverty,
They  took an oath for eternity
To strike fraternity
To let it run amok in liberty!
Oh! The Amharas arch enemy;
It is not ignorance or disease
Enamoured  for so long,
They decided to go to bed with,
Free will all the more devilish!
It is neither corruption.
The Amharas gave their own a mansion,
From which to run its maleficent mission.
The Amharas arch enemy;
That unsettles the brain tissues’ harmony
Is a Tigrayan with head held high;
Who defies
The triumvirate evil spies
Who move on the sly!
A decent Tigrayan
Minding his business
In earnest,
Is more dangerous a threat

Than all the above culprits!


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