Invaders turned gate keepers!


(By Yared Huluf, 11 April 2021) –

Since when is the world a faire place to live in for the poor?  Never, it has been, never it will ever be. It is a brutal place to live in. You keep witnessing one injustice foisted on top of another before one is put right. It is a place brutal aggressions are perpetuated on a daily based with little hope justice is to be delivered to heal the trauma inflicted upon victims.

The world has set international Organizations run and manned by you guessed it the violators of the very norms and rules they themselves set out to defend for and protect.

On 2nd of October 2018 a journalist and a critic of the a dynasty, Jamal Khashoggi   was mutilated and murdered inside an embassy, a brazen full of bravado moves by a gang of monarchs, who fear nothing   to stop them applying crude forces on victims so long they think they have the money to bribe their way out and the world watch!

That is what happened when Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was incontrovertibly found out that he order the killing in the manner it was carried out and yet not only is he  a free a  man to walk around but hosted international meetings with world leaders,  shaking hands, winning and dinning with a killer who ought to have been locked up  in a prison. 

The world we know, you find a black homeless man with grass in his pocket and if the prison cells are not already filled, he is thrown to one vacant, not of the crime but of his colour and lack of money in his bank account, which he has not got!

On the other hand you have another black man, he may not think he is black, but black nonetheless, who lives in bubble. You have an Amhara leader who calls himself PM, who ordered the executions of not one, not two, not three, four, etc but many to count on high personalities; an PM who declared war on   people whom he wished to rule with iron fist for defying and electing their own leaders.

They accepted his lame excuses of law and order when it was a war he declared against people he set out to exterminate. Because he is back, funny, entertaining serving the main purpose for what black naggers are meant to offer! Nothing serious! Even it is bloodshed, it is still blood, nothing serious!

When the world has incontrovertible evidence this person in the office of the country’s PM, is a killer who fed them false information of mass murders he carried out himself as the work of the leaders he wanted dead. Instead of putting him in jail, they have allowed him to continue his killing. He planned and executed the war with another devil reincarnate, living  next door, not worth mention his name as seems to gloat over the world notices his notoriety over and over again.

You have the TPLF veterans sitting comfortably at home, not know what has been plotted for well over two years, as the main instigators of the war,  by attacking the Northern Command Post, when indeed they theme selves  were caught unaware, but to be accused by the perpetrators as the culprits, the world ought to know. If the TPLF had a plan to wage war, it could not have allowed well over 200 Veterans hardly unable to walk to sit and wait in Mekelle only to be bombed and executed. They could have been send aboard not only for their safety but carry out diplomatic work against the war hatched and carried out by four nations in cahoots, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia including the  ኣጋስስ ነፍጠኛ Land grabbing warriors!

Only decent people and/or  organizations make mistakes at times for the have open hearts, eager to listen and respond; but once they know they have been taken for a ride, as in the case of MaiKadria,  they turn around to exact and put right wrongs done in their names. For this reason, I say, Amenity International is intact and defending the vulnerable when it stood by for what it was established. Kudos, I salute! Hope you stay tall in a world inflicted by corrupt lordosis!

The world over provided, this theatrical PM of macaronic people brought together by conspiracy and bruit,    monetary fund to deal with the economic consequences the war he has caused but ironically of late the country has hired international lobbyists, Holland and Knight for the sum of $127,000 for three months, with some of the money he is been provided for humanitarian purposes to influence the world opinion so as  to sympathies with the killing sprees he is now engage with.  We call this ስውዔን ብጡጠን:  ‘I purchased her liquor with the lucre I managed to spangle from the sale of her cotton she spindled.’

On what rode of measurement one would agree that a rapist, a murdered, a looter, should stand and represent as a defendant of a victim of the very act of aggression committed by the so called invited defender, the world is offering Tigrayans?

The Ethiopian Government committed the crime and now the world is shameful enough to ask or more directly and better word is telling the Tigrians that the Amaharas who committed the crime should should rise and stand to investigate the crime. Next they will tell us they should also adjudicate the crime cases, it won’t be surprising this world of ours!

 It is precisely this is what is happening when the UN accepts the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (ERRC) to be part of the investigative body. Just to investigate EHRC itself and come up with incriminating evidence! What is the UN have got to hide, or what is it, it is worried about to succumb to such low level of dereliction of duties? If the UN is worried so much in the process of finding out the truth, how can then it stand tall and deliver justice once evidence are incontrovertibly presented to it. Or will it be like the case of Jamal khashoggi, a murderer will walk free and shake hands with world leaders in return of salacious Arabian Night!


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