No sign of promised Eritrean exit from Tigray, says UN

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Aid chief Mark Lowcock says the crisis is worsening and atrocities continue.

UN aid chief says bout 4.5 million people out of nearly 6 million in Tigray need humanitarian assistance as the conflict continues to rage. Reuters

Top UN humanitarian Mark Lowcock described a deepening crisis in northern Ethiopia on Thursday and said that Eritrea was not answering global calls to withdraw its troops from the turbulent Tigray region.

Addressing closed-door UN Security Council talks, Mr Lowcock said 4.5 million people out of about 6 million in Tigray need humanitarian assistance as the conflict “is not over and things are not improving”.

Various armed groups have been accused of committing human rights abuses in Tigray since Ethiopia’s federal army ousted the former regional ruling party, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), from the capital Mekelle in November.

“Without a ceasefire, this already grave humanitarian crisis is only going to get a lot worse,” said a draft copy of Mr Lowcock’s comments to the council, which was obtained by The National.

“Since the conflict began, civilians have endured indiscriminate shelling of towns, targeted violence, mass killings and executions and systematic sexual violence as a weapon of war.”

1 thought on “No sign of promised Eritrean exit from Tigray, says UN

  1. What is the UNSC and Other inter-governmental doing so far ? do they wait until the entire Oromo , Tigrean, Kimant, Irobe, Shinasha, Agew , Weyto , Gumuz got massacred ? Why is UNSC insist on repeating the historical plunder these days ?
    The UN is still ashamed over its failure to prevent the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said., BBC reported on 7 April 2014.
    Are they gonna come to celebrate our massacre like Ban KI-moon expressing their regret after all our people got killed ?
    Why are they treating the UN governing principles just as a paper tiger unwilling to implement them to save lives ?We are watching in our naked eyes when Amhara people kill nonamharas and burn their body and rape women and put nails and plastics in their uterus ? How could this kind of atrocity be tolerated in our days ? They are filming all atrocities and showing us ? How could a sensible man do these to humanity ? What is the point of UNSC reporting back to all those heinous crimes reporting back to us again , unwilling to do the action required to save lives ??? When will the report , press release of UN and UNSC will come to an end and replaced by a decisive action ????

    BTW, US and EU are embracing criminals who support the genocide in Ethiopia by Eritrean and ethiopian army . These criminals who demonstrate in the streets where they were fed and collected free food as an immigrants seeking asylum claimin,g to have persecuted in their home country ! Hence, why can the US and EU allow these people to support genocide and cry in the streets in favor of Abiy, Isayas and all forces masscring Oromos, Tigreans, Gumuz, KImant, Agew and others and calling the genocide as a law enforcement operation??? And these people were condeming US and EU for interfering in the affaires of ethiopia to save lives and giving aid to the affected regions ? Why do US and EU authorities allow these people if they do really condemn the genocide in ethiopia ?
    What is the purpose granting asylum and protection to these kind of people(supporting all those gruesome crimes in the guise of law enforcement operation) in US and EU ?

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