Under Occupation of ባንዳ Condottieri


(By Yared Huluf, 16 April 2021) – 

Under Occupation of  ባንዳ Condottieri!
For how long
Do we remain silent
Under foreign occupation
Our Voices clogged;
Eritrean nomad scads,
With primitive consuetude, 
Freaks as they are
Running amok!

No law enforcement
Put in place
Nor there is a rule of law worthy of the name
ባንዳ Eritreans understand to  follow   
Instead they gang rape and maim  
Shooting dead,  people waking on the road;

The United Nations,  
As an international institution, 
is a big joke,
It has a design defect, so to speak;
So as to not effectively work.

You have five nations with vetoes
Some led by scofflaws;
With Withershins views miscued,   
Serving the interest of the few
At the expense of hallowed laws.

Given this as a fact,
Tigray is attacked right and left
By Barbarians lurching at the gate;
Setting  it aflame,
With a  clear aim to claim;
Ethnic cleansing as the end game!

These two flatulent blabbers;
Need to know better
They are not as clever
As they think they are;
They can fool the world over!

That we be gaslighted,
Into believing,
Our hands tied,
Not to work.

The Mind obfuscated,   
Not to think.

Legs crippled, 
So not to walk.

Assets stripped,
To let hunger grip;
Empty bowel to whip.

The mind flipped,
To subconsciousness slip.

To believing in a romantic ship,
With the Amhara kinship,
As a passé-partout to unitary citizenship;
Then ever after happily rest to sleep!

Waesucks! Mission accomplished!
They conspired with foreign enemies;
To bring us down to our knees!!

They Joined hands with condottieri, 
Who, just like their legionnaire progenitors,
Sold for  a handful of Lire;
Not  to labour; earn a darg; 
But Bend over their ass
To please the desires
Of their the Italian slave masters!

Together, like son like father,
They went on a spree,
Destroying monasteries;
Scared places and sanctuaries! 

What have we done to deserve just deserts?
An irony;  albeit, least funny;   
In return for helping set themselves  free 
From what they used to call a colony,
By triturating the back of a tyranny;
Run by the barbaric Amhara diableries;   
In company  with a fanatic and fascistic military.
Condottieri are hired mercenaries 
But  most of them die 
Before they see the light of the pay day!
They eagerly waited with bated breath to enjoy!





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