God is then dead!


(By Temesgn Kebede, 22 April 2021) –

God is then dead!

Bones crashed, flesh minced to bits,
The earth churned to limits.
That was and still is how civilizations
came to us to greet.
But if man is to colonize another planet,
As he does always fanfaronade he would,
Just to treat it
The way he did to Earth,
Then God is dead, the Bible is manmade,
Half truth half hullabaloo hastily baked.
So much lies we have had been fed,
It’s told nations fought War of independence,
Only to keep slaves, and exterminate other races.
Yet more, other nations rallied gullible denizens,
Around lofty ideology, 
To be masters of cutting-age technology, 
Oh how fools we were
In to believing in a reverie 
And failed to uncover,

A world led by a Proletariat leader

With a lofty slogan;
A nepenthic  sweetener,
Armed with a sickle and hammer,
To get rid of a dominating culture,
Stolonate by archaic feudal hereditary structure,
Is anything but better.

Failing to woke
A dictator is a dictator;
Be it divine sent,
Or manmade monster,
To get rid of a dominating culture;
Stolonate by archaic feudal hereditary structure,
Was and still is a histrionic disaster
The world has gone over!

It is a political attempt,
A last ditch effort,
To reinforce and invigorate,
A Unitarian idealism,
The dying monarchs had 
Run out of steam and rhythm 
To defend as the scheme;
In the name of progress.
Where there is none to trace.

Nations plagued with such a virus:
Who grab someone’s land as theirs:
You have Russia, China, Nigeria
India and the backward looking Ethiopia!

To mention one as a tragic case:
Take Kaliningrad, locked a place
Between Lithuania and Poland;
Settled by the Russians;
In no man’s land,
Only to be stranded 
As hostile ophidians
No neighbor would want to wine & dine with!
That is the curse of Imperialism!
As a denouement, to this note!


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1 thought on “God is then dead!

  1. Mister Temesgn Kebede donot brainwash and feed the public your ideology imposed by westerners. Historically, people endured innumerable challenges and they had firm conviction in GOd and His creation.

    We will not deny God and his presence because our family or our people are undergoing unimaginable sufferings. Yes, you could believe in anything or hold disbelief Against God. However, you donot need to dessimiante your own personal conviction among us, theists. You may have any kind of higher academic level, but this doesn’t justify your potential to disprove the existence and providence of a transcendent Being, God who is beyond human intellect!

    You sound to get indoctrinated by the notion spread by Friedrich Nietzsche and his fans.

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