‘Shocking instances of human rights abuses’: UNICEF official on crimes in Ethiopia

Tigray Video Gallery

(Source: CNN) –

Crises in Tigray, Ethiopia have devastating impact on children – UNICEF on CNN with Becky Anderson

The conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia has entered its sixth month with no clear end in sight. UNICEF is gravely concerned about the harrowing impact on children. More than one million people have been displaced as clashes continue, and the region remains volatile.


1 thought on “‘Shocking instances of human rights abuses’: UNICEF official on crimes in Ethiopia

  1. So what ?? UNICEF is also now obtained an agenda to wave it back and forth and withdraw funding in the name of Children in Tigray! Why could UNICEF help to stop the suffering of Children back in Nov 2020? Where were they? What are they doing now to help children of Tigray? If they advocate for Children, they must help their parents who are biological begetters and care-givers ? They cannot live without thier progenitors !

    There is a wide and mad scramble for private and favorable agenda among NOGS, States, intergovernmental organizations and others to show themselves as highly concerned about our people, but they are not taking any tangible action to save lives! One Org says women are suffering, others uttered Children are the most vulnerable ones, and Animal and environmental advocates will surely raise some issues!However, Tigray seem to be liberated only by its own Offsprings!

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