Dues ex Machina!


(By Yared Huluf, 24 April 2021) –

Dues ex Machina!

Little did I know I have a clue,
It began as a minor flu
But steadily it got worse,
It turned out to be a human virus;
An Amhara pandemic curse
Enveloping a large swath of land as it cut across.
Causing havoc and mass distress.

Once inflicted
In many life related fields,
Such was the mind set,
I began to lose interest.
For a start the flamboyant lifestyle,
The energetic interactive relations with mates
Became the first casualties to note.
Following these I lost appetite
And the emaciated lions began to look so tight.
For many years I stayed indoors
And within the bounds of the house arrest;
Not to be seen and no one to talk with.
My parents did everything they could,
But forlorn was the case,
They gave up in the end.
Worse, they took it for granted
I might as well be dead and buried.
There was a battle in their minds

In a way, justifiable was their attitude,
Given the magnitudes:
Saudade turned decathect;
Anhedonia pouring cold over heartsease;
Nepenthe inhumed ataraxia not to breathe.

Years past-by but hope fallen into desuetude,
They were mentally prepared to accept,
A doomsday fate;
In the hope to reduce the dolor,
They could live without.

But suddenly after years of slumber,
My blood vessels began to turn red,
And one morning I stretched my limbs,
And jumped out of the bed.
My father who is now dead,
But alive then;
Shot blank range on the head;
You know who?
You need not be told!

Loudly blazoned,
And announced, “At last!
My son has risen.”

Then I took the first step
Walked to my job, in the hope
To carry on where it had stopped.
So also, I walked to my old friends
And began to talk;
And showed the smile that was long gone and lost.
More: I flexed my muscle to re-claim
The Land the predators had unlawfully gained.

Tempus fugit; waylay;
You may say: –
“What caused for your blood
turn rubicund?”

When I saw a child
Who Lost her innocence?
Upon her legs blown away;
When I saw Another,
turned a career;
Looking after sibling minors
Following their parents murder
Cris de coeur a child couldn’t bear;
Mia Kadera wholesale murder,
And to cover up a dirty game played over,
By incriminating others!

I am a kachina:
Deus ex machine;
Brought to insufflate
And bridge the missing lacuna!

Demons can cause damages
But will always end up savaged.


1 thought on “Dues ex Machina!

  1. Excellent Poem!!!!!!

    Deus ex machina, (Latin: “god from the machine”) a person or thing that appears or is introduced into a situation suddenly and unexpectedly and provides an artificial or contrived solution to an apparently insoluble difficulty.

    The plot device (Dues Ex Machina!) whereby a seemingly unsolvable coordinated attack has been abruptly resolved by an unexpected and unlikely resistance of the indomitable Tigray Defense Forces (TDF).

    The invading forces, Amhara militiaand Fano, youth gangsters, Eritreans (modern slaves serving as security staff for amhara and Prosperity party) and ENDF, are suffering a humiliating and unpredictable defeat. All these evil forces are at loss for military techniques and machines to use, since their coordinated polot and techniques didn’t work out as planned and crushed by the mighty volition of God who imparted His strong arms to scatter our enemies.

    The warcrimes and unimaginable atrocities are ceaslessly committed on Tigray by these perpetrators and in doing so they clearly manifest as to whom they belong : They are children of Satan whose surrogate is Eritrea giving birth to children of Satan who kill the most vulnerable & weakest members of society:children,Mothers , elders , nuns, monks , priests of Tigray. And they destroyed churches , mosques, monasteries and convent.

    The atrocities are of immense quantity and mangitude , hence we tend to forget the warcrime committed against one person and emphasize the extensive and gravity of the other. However, As long as the value of each person’s life is not lesser or more importance over the other, we must be not underestimate the atrocities against any of our citizens of Tigray.

    The fire they torched in our soil to kill Tegaru and destroy Tigray will eventually come nigh them and destroy Eritrea , especially Asmara which is the cave of the most barbaric and savage animals in the planet. Because, He who plays with fire gets ultimately burned.Eritrea will pay the ultimate price on the account of its warcrime inflicted on our people and the rest of the Ethiopian tribe; BTW, Oromo and Sudan people should acknowledge the price that TDF or People of Tigray is paying for them be it intentionally or unintentionally. If Tigray hadn’t been at war with ENDF , Oromo fighters could have experienced a tougher challenges in their struggle to advance and enter all those cities they have controlled now. the more ENDF forces deployed to Oromia , the tougher would be the clash and lesser chance to advance and enter new locations. When Thousands of ENDF and Eritrean forces died in Tigray which undoubtedly and undisputably lessen the challenges of Oromo Fighters. The same description and analysis applies to Sudan who control the ethiipian border with a lessor bloodshed and without loosing more soldiers on their side. Everybody knows this and we are simply witnessing the sacrifce that our people are making.

    በሰፈሩት ቁና መሰፈር አይቀርም፥፥ ተብሎ ተብሎ ጥቅምት ሲደርስ አሥመራ ከተማ ይላል ፍርስርስ፦፦ታዲያ አውሬ ከሚተኛበት ዋሻ (አሥመራ፥ ዓዲ ዃላ ወይ ዓዲ ቀይሕ) ሲጠጉ ጠንቀቅ ማለት ነው፥በተለምዶ አውሬ የሚያድርበት ና የሰፈረበት ዋሻ ይከረፋል ብዙ ግልገል አራዊት ይገኙበታል ፥የአውሬዎቹ አለቃ ለቀለቡና ለደህንነቱ ሲል የሸሸጋቸው የደበቃቸው ነገሮች ስለሚኖሩ የአውሬውን መያዝ ፈታኝ ያደርጉታል፥፥ክርፋቱ ብቻ አያጠስጋቹሁም::

    በሰፈሩት ቁና መሰፈር አይቀርም:: ተብሎ ተብሎ ጥቅምት ሲደርስ አሥመራ ከተማ ይላል ፍርስርስ፦፦ታዲያ አውሬ ከሚተኛበት ዋሻ(አሥመራ፥ ዓዲ ዃላ ወይ ዓዲ ቀይሕ) ሲጠጉ ጠንቀቅ ማለት ነው፥በተለምዶ አውሬ የሚያድርበት ና የሰፈረበት ዋሻ ይከረፋል ብዙ ግልገል አራዊት ይገኙበታል ፥የአውሬዎቹ አለቃ ለቀለቡና ለደህንነቱ ሲል የሸሸጋቸው የደበቃቸው ነገሮች ስለሚኖሩ የአውሬውን መያዝ ፈታኝ ያደርጉታል:: ክርፋቱ ብቻ አያጠስጋቹሁም፥፥ለብልህ አይነግሩ(አይተረጉሙ)ለአንበሳም አይመትሩ (ለአንበሳ በሥስ በሥሱ እየበለቱ መሥጠት አያሻም ያውቀበታል)::

    Hence, You read between the lines and hopefully you understand the core message.

    እንደ ህግደፍ ና አማራ ልሂቃን ያሉትን በአራዊት መመሰል ተገቢ አይደለም፥፥ምክንያቱም እንሰሳት ሆኑ የዱር አራዊት በደመ ነፍስ የሚጓዙ ካል ተራቡና ካልተተናኰሏቸው በቀር ሰዉን የማያጠቁ ናቸው:: ነገር ግን ቋንቋ የመግባቢያ መሣሪያ እንደ መሆኑ መጠን ሀሳባችንን ይገልፃሉ ወይንም ይወክላሉ ብለን የተስማማንባቸውን ሆነ ያመንባቸውን ሰውሰውኛ ምልክቶችን፥ ምሳሌዎችን እና አገላለፅን እንድንጠቀም ግድ ይላል:: በመሆኑም እንደ ኢሳያስ ና ፍኖ ሌላም ሌላውን ለመግለፅ ክፋታቸውን በሰው ሰውኛ ሰብአዊ አነጋገር ተጠቅመን ለማሳየት ስንል አራዊቶች ከአራዊት የከፉ አራዊቶች እንላቸዋለን::

    ቅሬታ ካለ angesome.arefeayene2022@mymail.ru
    ይፃፉልን፥፥ አንገሶም ከሞስኮ

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