Secretary Blinken’s Call with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

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The below is attributable to Spokesperson Ned Price:‎

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken spoke with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed today to reiterate the United States’ grave concern about the deteriorating humanitarian and human rights crisis in the country, including the growing risk of famine in Ethiopia’s Tigray region as well as ongoing insecurity in other parts of the country.  The Secretary pressed for Ethiopia’s and Eritrea’s commitments to withdraw Eritrean troops from Tigray to be implemented immediately, in full, and in a verifiable manner.  In addition, the Secretary noted that Eritrean forces and Amhara regional forces in Tigray are contributing to the growing humanitarian disaster and committing human rights abuses.  The Secretary also stressed the need for all parties to the conflict to end hostilities immediately.

Secretary Blinken welcomed the joint Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the UN’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights investigation in Tigray to document human rights abuses and stressed the need for justice and accountability measures to hold those responsible to account.  The Secretary noted his appointment of a Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa and noted that Ambassador Feltman would travel to Ethiopia in the coming days.


1 thought on “Secretary Blinken’s Call with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

  1. Dear these world leaders prioritize the interest of a single man and his party against the entire population (ca.110 million ) ?? By no means the lives of civilians dying in any part of the country take precedence over any other agenda and political cliques like Abiy and his foreign-born virus(deadly ideology) and imported to our land.

    What is the point of asking and appeasing this killer while they could dismantle him and his party responsible for the masscre of tegaru, Oromo, Amhara , Gumuz, Kimant, Shinasha , Agew, Gurage etc.

    Governments are mandated by international law to protect people from genocide. Bianca Jagger

    You will be judged in years to come by how you responded to genocide on your watch. Nicholas Kristof

    Excellencies (UNSC state members) your immediate action to save lives will definitely save you from making a future regretful message to the world like the former UN Officials;

    As reported by BBC (7 April 2014) The UN is still ashamed over its failure to prevent the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, UN chief Ban Ki-moon has said.

    Help us save our people from a full-scale genocide regardless of their ethnicity, religion, and place of birth etc.

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!

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