Ethiopia: People in Tigray are traumatized

Ethiopia Tigray

(Source: Independent Catholic News)

Maria Lozano and Fionn Shiner

Food distribution camp near Alitena, Tigray ©ACN/Magdalena Wolnik

Food distribution camp near Alitena, Tigray ©ACN/Magdalena Wolnik

Hundreds lie dead in Ethiopia’s war-torn Tigray region according to a secret inside account, which described priests beaten up, churches ransacked, and “rampant” hunger and fear gripping the populace who have no medicine left.

Speaking to Aid to the Church in Need (ACN), the priest, unnamed for security reasons, described the effects of a conflict ongoing since November 2020 between the government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

He said: “There is still devastating war going on in almost the whole of the Tigray region… I don’t have the words to describe their suffering – there is great despair and the people are traumatised.”

The result of the conflict is that “there is rampant hunger and fear”, according to ACN’s source.

He said: “There are no official public services, not enough food, no medication, no security and trust. Hundreds were killed.”

Last November, fighting broke out in Tigray after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sent federal troops, supported by militia and army from Amhara, and troops from Eritrea, to fight the TPLF, which he accused of holding illegitimate elections.

The source insisted that “the situation is worsening by the moment.”

Describing how children and orphans have suffered, he said: “The people are at the end of their strength. [Mothers] come to ask help because they have lost their children and don’t know where they are.”

According to ACN’s source, there has been a lot of violence against priests and Sisters, and in his own area “three parish priests have been threatened and beaten” and that all the property of the parishes has been “completely cleaned out by the soldiers.”

Yet, he said: “The Church has never stopped doing her job… tending her sheep with due care for her people.” US Secretary of State Antony Blinken asserted in March that “ethnic cleansing” has taken place in western Tigray, with reports circulating from Amnesty International and others that Eritrean troops committed massacres in the region.

ACN’s source was grateful for the support the charity has sent to the Tigray region, saying: “Please continue to pray for us and support us. We need your help, both material and spiritual… Many thanks for your solidarity and sincere concern during these dramatic times.”


1 thought on “Ethiopia: People in Tigray are traumatized

  1. Not only people of Tigray currently residing in Tigray , in the midst of bloody conflict, mass starvation and torture, we all Tegaru are suffering from the agony that our people are undergoing. Since they are our flesh and blood. Words failed us to describe the extent and magnitude of of the suffering and traumatism that our People are enduring.

    Amhara elites were prowling around like a roaring Devil (the eternal accuser of Humanity) to destroy us out of jealousy and unfounded hatred for centuries.1Peter 5:8

    Unfortunately, They discovered the fact that Colonel Abiy , UAE sponsored mercenary and muti-degree murderer, is bearing the same devilish hate and jealousy like them(Amhara elites) towards Tegaru and their sacred land, Tigray!
    This evil plan shared in common both by Amhara elites, Abiy and Isayas united them in order to massacre and destroy Tegaru and Tigray ..

    Amhara elites spent quite long time to prepare themselves and treacherously convince foreigners into making their accomplice. As you all knew, Amhara led and dominated Party, Prosperity party , invaded Oromia and killed many in Wolaita, and other regions since they were able to control the region which are not able to defend themselves. These Criminals knew the mighty military will and resistance of Tigray , so they had to search foreign sponsors and killers and military machines that are unavailable at their proximity.

    I personally don’t call it war , since it is mostly conducted among civilians in towns and aimed at solely destroying public infrastructure which is disfavored by military and war rules. It is simply a genocide of civilians and destroying our land. Everyone engaged in this attrocity should be brought to justice.

    It is them who told us that Tigray should get destroyed from the planet , vanish and exterminate like extinct creatures and they strived to accomplish this horrendous crime with foreign mercenaries . Hence, they emphasized the fact that we are not ethiopians but rather Amhara is the only tribe in Ethiopia.” Let us protect Amhara so as to prevent Ethiopia from total collapse”the well-known Amhara Elites motto .

    Words failed us to describe amhara elites who are the actors and mastermind of then genocide committed and is still undergoing in TIgray.

    We need justice and military intervention of UNSC . Please stop deluding us by sending a messenger one after the other to test how we react and question the sentiment of the enemy and the public.

    You must understand the fact that Abiy is disfavored by everyone except those who profit from the presence of the ruling party and massacre of Tegaru and destruction of Tigray!!! USA don’t undermine the massacre of people an act fast so as to save yourselves and UNSC executive staff from making regretful statements before the great grand children of the victims of the genocide like the statement made by Sec Gen Bankimon at the ceremony held in Kigali, Ruwanda to commemorate the victims of genocide in April 2014va after 10 years of the massive massacre’s Rwandans of Ruwandians!!!

    Tigray will inevitably emerge voctirious!!!!Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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