Ethiopian war: UNHCR concerned by deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Tigray, northern Ethiopia

Ethiopia Tigray Video Gallery

(Source: SABC News) –

The humanitarian situation in Ethiopia’s northern region is deteriorating. That’s the warning from the United Nations Refugee Agency – UNHCR. The UN’s humanitarian agency says over 1 million people are currently in need of urgent assistance in the Tigray Region.

The international community, led by the United States, has increased pressure on the government of Ethiopia to end the conflict in its northern region and for Eritrea to withdraw its troops. Ethiopia has since allowed humanitarian access into the region.

However , six months of fighting shows no sign of ending, as the situation worsens for thousands of people forced to flee from home seeking safety.


1 thought on “Ethiopian war: UNHCR concerned by deteriorating humanitarian crisis in Tigray, northern Ethiopia

  1. Every organization is concerned about its own interest, such as UNCHR worried about refugees and asylum seekers who are transported by the socalled Human traffickers in Libya and warmly welcomed by UNHCR staff and capitalists who are overjoyed in meeting people who could fill the low-paying jobs and help states in receiving funding from UN, EU and etc As you know, mass migration helped the citizens of hosting countries to get jobs, and work in projects pertaining to migrants, enabled the justice system to find people could be easily escapegoated and taken to fill prisons, allow lawyers to get clients regardless of their part in the story (of crime related story), doctors get victims to do research as lab rats,

    etc . BTW, this is something very true . humanbeing do tend to undermine and disbelive as long as they donot see something in their naked eyes just as Amhara elites do disbelive the suffering of Tegaru until they get drowned into it.

    This is story i got from one of those I met in Libya and good at conspiracy theory. We exchanged phone calls even if we stay apart . World Food aid organization is also concerned for our people and UNICEF for our children. All these showy intergovernmental organizations are scrambling over free agenda while our people are dying every day and while they are able to avoid the conflict and save lives in proper time and in humanely manner.

    The human ego is beyond limit – selfish people want you to die and suffer as long as they are able to make something out of your sufferings. You may express this egoisme using bulk of words and in a sophsiticated manner using scolarly articles. However, at the end of the day, you gonna say something which is quite similar to what is adressed here. Ye shi filt maseriyaw lit-የሺ ፍልጥ ማሰሪያው ልጥ. if there is many(thousands of logs) logs here and there, you need one cord to tie them up. Thank you for posting!!

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