Isaias and his foreign cohorts’ involvement in the war of aggression against Tigray!

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(By Belay Ambelay, 01 May 2021) –

The world has travelled far since World War II. Until the dictators and warmongers of different races, colours and hue publicly felt that the world needs to know how powerful and invincible they are by proclaiming gleefully the atrocities they committed. They hoped the world would be terrified and submit to their evil will. We could credit them for being direct. Today, as dictators come and go, an average person knows whom he is dealing with if they need to from knowing history. 

Nowadays there is a new Aggiornamento. Withershins on the ground, anastrophe in a script, doublethink in mind must be deployed to mislead and wrongfoot the public. 

Dictators such as the likes of Isaias Afewerki and Abiy Ahmed Ali, go out in public and want the world by proclaiming that day is night! Isaias has his 42 Divisions pirating and plundering Tigray and tells the world no single Eritrean army is in Tigray committing ineffaceable crimes! Abiy orders his army to massacre Tigrayans in mass and deploys his myrmidons, the likes of Daniel Berkeley and Netsenet, holding respected offices and telling the world that the Tigray Defence Force committed the mass killing, ironically of its own people residing in Maikadra, for the world to listen. 

Artists of such magnitude of crimes such that they have committed, have no conscience to repent; they will never do that. It is not in their faculty of thought. 

Before all of this chaos, repeated well-orchestrated executions have taken place in Ethiopia. The killing of innocent individuals at a mass rally in Meskel Square, the murder of Engineer Semieneh  Bekele, Hachalue Hndesa, General Seare, General Gezae. Attack helicopter massacres on Oromo villages. All of the evil and double-edged missions – getting rid of potential advisories and turning the fallen victims as a tool to discredit the enemy they feared most – the Tigray Peoples defence forces. 

Four months before the beginning of the conflict, four hundred commandos landed in Mekelle International Airport. Tigray’s government carried out a thorough investigation on the reason for their arrival in Mekelle. The paratroopers were released for humanitarian reasons and were sent back to Addis Ababa. Among them, there was one Tigraway who did not know what was going on, nor did he know where he was, as most of the commandos. Six months later, on 03/11/2020, the second planeloads of elite paratroopers landed at Alula Aba Nega, Mekelle International Airport again. This time, their mission was to assassinate Tigray state’s leadership. The plot was, once the leadership was eliminated, sleeping cells would control the Northern Command, with the support of forces on standby in and around strategic places in the Tigray region with the direct participation of the Eritrean military forces to start the shock and awe campaign. A few days after the war of aggression was started, knowing that the plan had not worked, Abiy made another public blunder. Addressing the nation on state TV, Abiy declared that the war would be finished in a couple of days. According to Col Abiy, he reiterated that “Law and Order” is the reason for the war, and the “Junta” will be reined in, “one or two” weeks at most. We are, today in the fifth month since the war of aggression started on the people of Tigray. 

Next was a shock for the illegitimate Ethiopian group in power and dictator Isaias Afewerki that the plot miserably failed. The paratroopers on the mission were effectively dealt with, and following that, the Tigrai Government took over the Northern Command that was operating in cahoots with the paratroopers. Now, who would not take such a step to defend oneself/Tigray when a plot to destroy was hatched and executed upon the officials of Tigray? It is common sense and logical step anyone would do in an unfair web attack! 

Unless one is naive to believe that Abiy Ahmed started the war due to the Northern Command’s aggression, I can tell you that a military strategist would tell a different story. Any nation, however capable, could not retaliate in one or two days’ notice.  If an “enemy” force has suddenly attacked the nation, it would require time to prepare a counter-offensive. Abiy started the attack with his prearranged “shock and Awe” military strategy overnight on Tigray. The troop build-up was well known. The attack was well-rehearsed, partly in Eritrea. Eritrean and Amhara soldiers continuously intensified their pre-war drills and partly in Wollega Oromo area for years, burning villages rehearsing their cold-blooded murdering of civilians.  It took three years since the peace-war agreement was signed in 2018 between Abiy and partner Isaias, where the prime actors were UAE, and Saud Arabia. Ethiopians were suspicious of the new Arab friends of Abiy and Isaias, they would be wise to prepare to respond in kind to such unprovoked and unanticipated grinding war that country is plunged into. 

The fact is that Abiy Ahmed planned this war for at least three years to put in place all the necessary hardware, including recruits from Somalia and Drones from UAE. On his own, Isaias was preparing since the Badame War of 1998-2000. According to Andargachew Tsege (leaked Canada interview), Abiy was feeding Isaias and other Arab countries with classified information for at least twelve years, including during Haile Mariam Desalegn’s short tenancy. (Shemeles From Texas: Former INSA Officer TMH Interview). He is therefore a traitor to Ethiopia. 

Another other miscalculation these plotters made was the second wave of two planes of well-trained commandos (with 100% Amhara and Oromos only) were exposed by few elite commando members from within them, maybe because of bravado. 

The TDF were able to incapacitate a hostile army intruder and make safe the national state security and political institutions, with the Northern Command. That miscued their plan to execute and complete Tigray submission. 

Tigrai did not start the war. The Abiy regime did start the war with foreign forces’ support (Isaias Afeworki’s Army and UAE, and Somalia). At least three foreign forces were involved in the aggression over Tigray. If all the points resaid above are not treasonable crimes, what is? 

 Even if we were to accept the morally questionable standard view of Abiy’s advocates, what rights have the Amhara and Isaias to bomb and massacre, gang rape, murder, and loot historical and cultural heritage of Tigray if their issue is with TPLF? It is a smoke screen excuse for the ethnic cleansing project and genocidal agenda deeply ingrained in their cultural values. Suppose the Tigrayans in the regional government had any intention to attack and expect a return response. Would over 200 veterans who could hardly walk in town unprepared by taking shelter in a safe place or going abroad just to be slaughtered and/or manacled the way Seyoum Mesfin, Abay Tsehaye. Asmelash Wolde Selassie, Sebehat Nega did? No, they would not. Tigray did not start or provoke the war. Abiy Ahmed did. 

Moreover, relegated under local command Forces, they were intervening in implementing the local PP’s duty. The Federal Defence lost its strategic role in society. It has abandoned its twin roles of protecting sovereignty and the people from internal politically motivated state abuse and foreign invaders.

The master of the drama, his excellency Col Abiy Ahmed Ali, declared war on Tigray for no apparent rational reason by creating a prefabricated salacious story overnight. Does anyone wonder why four Governments and a federal region with formidable preparations (including special force, Militia, and the notorious paramilitary FANO) chose for such a devastating action? It was well understood that genocidal crimes were planned and perpetrated all over Tigray indiscriminately. 

In the last twenty years, Isaias planned to create these robots to exact revenge on Tigray. These psychopathic madmen are lost in the maze of political intrigue and messed up their plot. Isaias assumes that the UN is unresponsive, and the US is considered ineffective and entangled within a bureaucratic maze. Abiy Ahmed, the favoured disciple of Isaias, is but a slow learner who could not complete one task at a time, let alone be multi-tasking. However, foreign hopefuls were chosen to finance and support his war efforts. In return, he was expecting to loot the state-owned institutions under the banner of privatization; Ethio Telecommunication, Ethiopia Airlines, Banks, Ethiopian Electric power. Ethiopia, before the EPRDF, was shaped with foreign help. Not sold to them. 

Another treacherous leader, Menelik sought financial and military support mainly from Italy and France, in return for priceless land on the Red Sea, later named Eritrea. Something no Ethiopian leader would ever consider or compromise on. The strategic intent was to break the backbone of Tigray, politically and economically.  In the 19th Century, the height of wealth and power, Tigray was a net contributor to the state revenue during Tewodros and Yohannes’ reign. Tigray was systematically downgraded to be the epicentre of grinding poverty until today. Also, out of twenty-six national wars, twenty-four of them were fought in Tigray. We have witnessed the devastating effect of the three recent wars in Tigray. The heroic struggle of 17 years’ war against Mengistu Haile Mariam’s brutal regime, followed by the uncalled-for war of aggression of Shaebia, and the equally most brutal joint war coordinated with foreign powers led by fascists  Col Abiy and Isaias of Eritrea, which the people of Tigray are currently, fighting against all odds. 

  1. Out of all the wars, Gurae war (1875) casualty was considerably heavy. There were about 50,000 dead and many more wounded. William Dye admired the soldiers and leaders’ gallantry; The Egyptian Army was led by mercenaries from Europe, America, and Australia, and other countries, who were seasoned, professional soldiers. In contrast, the rank-and-file Tegaru were naturally gifted, fighting for King and country with determination and unequalled zeal. As most know, the Ethio-Eritrea war (1998-2000) had taken the lives of 100,000 Ethiopians and Eritreans. The Ethio-Eritrean war had pickled the remorseless dictator Isaias. 
  2. It seems the mad man of Adi-Halo had recurrence nightmares until today to avenge the debacle he faced on a misguided war he unwisely initiated years before. Isaias starved the whole of Eritrea (except his handpicked, terrified loyal forces) and decided that the nation does not need a change. He hates Eritreans because Isaias knows that one day they will get at him for all the atrocities he committed from the time he usurped power till the end. Eritrea is the only state in the world without a constitution and University. However, he has erected instead 360 prisons, numbers are busy all year round, expanding and increasing their residents. 

However, the ugly war out of all the wars is the conflict initiated by the infantile Col Abiy Ahmed on Tigray. The current conflict had taken Abiy and Isaias three years to plan and execute jointly. Under the sponsorship of Demeke Mekonnen, Gedu Andargachew and Temesgen Teruneh, plus others, the Amhara elites and intellectuals, the Militia, and FANO, the fanatical shallow passengers who were beating the war drums for over three years. All the ground forces converged on Tigray at the same time. Any decent observer can decern that the first phase was well organized. If the illegal regime was expecting to incarcerate and removing the Tigray Defence Forces from power expediently, it assumes that all Tigray forces were “napping” They were wrong. The surprise attack could have worked somewhere else but not in Tigray. 

Abiy and Isaias failed in executing their project. It miserably failed because they miscalculated the requirement to overwhelm Tigray by sending a vast occupying force from North, South, West, and East. The three-year-old joint project failed to achieve its objectives. The goons could not see ‘the elephant in the room.’ The entire theatre of war was to start on a least expected day, the American election day, while the world is glued to the election drama. The conspiracy to attack innocent people of Tigray with foreign powers was also the traditional betrayal of certain recent Ethiopian rulers; Menelik for power, money, and glory.  The strategic miscalculation was most notably, two planes loaded with about three hundred special commandos, landed in Alula Aba Nega Airport and took strategic positions where they believed the “junta” were to be found for a midnight surprise. The Forces of Tigray were aware of the “commandos” belated surprise and indeed more intelligent than the project planners and commandos put together. It was ignominy to assume that the TPLF would be caught without realizing that two planes loaded with assassins were roaming in the streets of Mekelle on the afternoon of Nov 3, 2020. The march was on with Ethiopian ground and air forces; Isaias’s semi starving troops including forces of Formajo of Mogadishu (Somalia) and the UAE drone pilots. Over seven hundred thousand, a well-armed and well-greased army, supported by Migs, drones, and helicopters started a war on the people of Tigray. 

In name, it was against the TPLF, but in essence, it was abundantly clear it was a genocidal war on the people of Tigray. After a well-prepared plan by two gang leaders, the initial triggering accelerator failed to torch Tigray. What actually happened was that two planes load of elite paratroopers landed under the pretext of “distributing the new currency” to the Banks of Mekelle.  

The anticipated outcome objective seems to have been a win-win for the fraternal criminals and total devastation on Tigray. The evil plotters dream, but the smart always wins the game. 

  1. “No single person was killed till the National defence forces arrived in Mekelle.” The rest is history!  However, following this mishap, Col Abiy Ahmed Ali needed his lie. In the presence of his soldiers, many atrocities were committed. Over 700 people were hacked down in Mai Kadra days after the war was declared on the people of Tigray. Abiy refused to accept the involvement of Isaias’s soldiers (Eritrean) in the war on Tigray. However, the head of Ethiopian forces General Belay Seyoum, said, “regretfully they have been involved from day one.” contradicting a statement from a government official in Addis, where it was declared that “No Eritrean Military forces in Tigray,” The news from Mekelle briefed the public that “yes, there are Eritrean soldiers but they were not invited.” The question, but why does he not fight against invaders to protect sovereign Ethiopia? 
  2. Eritreans said they were told to kill anyone above four years old and focus mainly on educated Tegaru as their primary targets. 
  3. So-called professional Soldiers were looting Tigray’s cultural and historical identity and killing citizens or letting others kill and create havoc in front of them. 
  4. Fourteen high-ranking Church bishops were conspiring a putsch on Tigrayan elected Patriarch Mathewos a week before the war of aggression was declared on Tigray. They were ordered to stop the takeover because they were informed that Tigray’s war would be starting soon. Abiy was confusing the issue deliberately. He invited the most rabid dictator Isaias, and Formajo of Somalia, Amhara Militia, Fano, UAE Drones, and many others, to help him in his criminal war. 
  5. Women were tactically raped by Isaias’ soldiers and homes looted. Soldiers of both countries were either committing heinous crimes or watching and sometimes filming the others do their crimes. Abiy’s soldiers at certain times joined the Eritrean soldiers in ransacking houses, schools, churches, monasteries, as they see convenient at the time. 
  6. Dictators are incompetent and deluded, with no self-confidence. They cannot sleep if one or the other exceeds ahead of them. 
  7. To ensure that Tigray was destroyed, Abiy gave Sudan permission to march forward and block the border. 
  8. The consequence of the war on Tigray is the Ethio/Sudan war. Weak Ethiopia will have to surrender lands that were illegally or inadvertently taken a long time ago. 
  9. The fragmentation of Ethiopia is inevitable. The PP takes the lion’s share of the blame. Simultaneously, the right to national self-determination is an inalienable right that no power has the right to negate. 
  10. The unelected Prosperity Party (PP) and its leader have been spreading outrageous misinformation and innuendos to everyone they came across. The infantile leader of PP accused the twenty-seven years of the EPRDF leadership of fundamental economic and social changes as “27 dark years”. By comparison to his years, they were years of blazing light. 

Was the inept Abiy Mohamed Ali steered by remote control from outside forces to utter this falsity? If Those twenty-seven years are considered as dark days, what will he call the last three years of his reign of terror in all corners of Ethiopia? 

There is no economic growth but a cyclical downward economic slide into the abyss. There is no modicum of political unity, but then again, the Amhara, circled by almost all regional federal states, is fighting against the whole federation for land. In the west Benishangul-Gumz vs. Amhara, Oromo against Amhara in the Wollega area, all southern frontiers have some altercation with the Amhara settler. Harar and Arsi Oromos against Amhara settlers, Afar against Amhara settlers in border areas of Eastern Shewa. Northern Shewa Oromo vis-à-vis Amhara settlers, handful remnant Amhara settlers, South Tigray Raya against, against Wollo settlers. Wolkait-Tsegede of Tigray against Amhara settlers, Agew against Amhara chauvinism, Kemant against Amhara expansionists. Sudan against Amhara settler colonialists in Metekel area, the whole problem is the predicament of the wrong vision and approach of Amhara elites and intellectuals in modern-day Ethiopia. Their unnecessary fear and belief in violence as a solution.  

Where are the places that one does not hear about war in the country? One would question how we came into these situations in first hand? If Tigray is encircled by the mad leaders of Amhara and Eritrea using young Oromo soldiers? TPLF stated that it did not attack the Northern Command and never started the war against the Federal Government. Formajo, Abiy, and Isaias’s puppet in Somalia (Mogadishu) sent more than “three thousand trainee soldiers to Eritrea.” After training was completed, some knew that all were groomed to be sent to Tigray. Upon finishing the emergency training session, those who opposed going to a war zone outside the program were summarily executed in Eritrea. They were all allocated the front line of the war, while the Eritreans were behind the Somali soldiers killing those who were not wanted with “friendly fire.” Out of the thousands, only a couple of hundreds survived, and few returned to Somalia. While very few caught wounded were in Mekelle Hospital. Most were destroyed in action soon after the war started. A handful of the Somalis managed to escape the carnage and went back to Somalia through Afar and narrated the true story of what happened.  Innocent Somali youth had to die in a war with nothing to do with internal Ethiopian affairs and not have heard of it far away from their home. 

Before the saber-rattlers, Abiy and Isaias declared the war, a week before the US General election, the Somali were told that they would go to Eritrea for training. In Ethiopia, soldiers were also ordered to abandon their southern and eastern posts to head towards the North and converge around Tigray. Federal Soldiers from Benishangul Gomez were ordered to be stationed in Bahir Dar. Then it was reported that there was bloodshed between the Amhara settlers and Gomez people, where about 200 settlers were reported killed. There was carnage because there was no buffer zone between the two hostile groups to protect them. The Military had abandoned its duty once again. Before this, what they did in Wollega was unforgivable. The whole southeaster Wollega was torched with fire-spitting gunships. Vietnam style attack of the scorch earth tactic was deployed. Villages were set on fire to evict the (Oromo Liberation Front) OLF suspects from the area. The so-called people’s army abandoned its responsibility to stand for the people and show its naked betrayal to the cause of federalism. 

Abiy and Isaias’s started their tough guy gangster style leadership in protracted criminal destruction and havoc mixed with tactical genocide in Tigray to weaken the TPLF an punish ordinary Tigrayans. The so-called federal forces failed in their duty and obligation to protect and defend the state’s sovereignty and protect the public. These are catastrophic strategic failures of Ethiopia’s Federal state, which may inevitably question its existence as a coherent state. The Federal Army has failed miserably in the eyes of the citizens and the International observers. If there is a state with a vested interest in unitary existence rather than a federal one, it is the Amhara region. One can state that no other group could be part of their planned centralist state. In the past we had had the nightmare of degenerate monarchies who did not think of other peoples’ existence but only theirs for centuries. No one dares to go back to the era of total darkness in a real sense. 

The entire military plan was to attack and overwhelm the TPLF/Tigray in a few days by sending “Special forces” to eliminate TPLF and control Tigray. The shock and awe operation turned into a fiasco and a national disaster. The project of “two to three” days operation is not resolved in nearly one hundred days and they are only getting stronger. The TPLF and the people of Tigray proved to be a hard nut to crack. The military action was planned over nearly three years, apparently without information leaking. The public was deprived of knowledge about this hit job on their own country. However, the general noise and “direction of travel” was well understood by many, to be an inevitability. 

“LAW and Order” 

The preparations for the genocidal war of Tigray were carried out way before the bogus “Law and Order” declaration of war: 

  1. The Military failed to explain why Tigray General Seare was executed on June 2019. The assassin was caught, but to date, no one is courageous enough to inform the public why he did it. 
  2. The plot to destroy Tigray in hindsight seems to have started with the killing of General Seare to clear the way ahead of time. It was the mission of clearing all hurdles from top-down. General Gezae, (a friend of the family) was a collateral victim. The instruction and plan may have been the design of Isaias Afwerki with Abiy as his attendant. 
  3. To date, the Ethiopian military forces kept quiet while their former leader and his friend were assassinated in cold-blooded. They did nothing. 
  4. In Tigray, regarding the Ethiopian Orthodox Church; It is with inside information that the Churches and monasteries, and mosques were looted, burned, and destroyed. The Orthodox Church had a catalogue of where and what ecclesiastical treasures such as lyrics, Golden Crosses, old manuscripts, historical documents, and artifacts are located. In the name of “Mahbere Kedusan,” the specialists had made a thorough investigation of the historical and culturally significant items worthy of looting. As the right-wing arm of the Amhara power structure. 
  5. Abiy and Isaias declared war in Tigray on Nov 4, 2020. A week before (i.e., Tekemet 18 [Oct 26, 2020, Eur.Cal.]  the Orthodox Churches higher officials Synod was convening in Addis Ababa to rectify their final illegal decision to oust the Orthodox Church’s head Tigrayan Patriarch Mathewos from his position because of his ethnicity. Shemeles Abdisa and Temesgen Teruneh, the top cadres of Abiy rung, ordered the Kangaroo Court of the synod members not to get rid of the Patriarch because “the war against the (TPLF) will start soon.” Following the war, the Norwegian Church asked the Orthodox Church if they could help, the Synod claims that “there is no food shortage in Tigray.” The reply is part of the state intransigency that replies to everything on Tigray with “no” to every help for Tigray because they are part of the elite exterminating Tigray system. Simultaneously, the Military uses tanks and guns, helicopters, and Migs to kill people in the name of “law and order.” Law and order problem in Tigray. There was no problem with “law and order” in Tigray. In fact, the TPLF are to date the only legitimate government in Ethiopia according to the constitution. The problem of “law and order” in Tigray is only a tissue of lies. It would be ludicrous to suggest that the wild soldiers of Isaias Afewerki and Abiy Ahmed Ali know the basics of Law and Order. Let alone the mercenary foot-soldiers, the officials do not understand what law and order means. On all types and places the crimes being committed in Tigray. Three of them; the soldiers of Eritrean Isaias, Ethiopian Abiy, and the Amhara militia, Amhara special force, and Somalian Fano are all the same criminal partnership glued with greed and hate. 

Nevertheless, in the absence of a real problem, Abiy and Isaias deliberately create war to settle old scores and satisfy hatemongering attitudes. As Kenya’s head of state implied correctly in Djibouti recently at the EGAD summit, calling Abiy “an idiot and childish” indeed in every aspect of it. 

Abiy has employed the time-tested tactics of maintaining forced rule over others; Kill and weaken the enemy by every means possible. Be it with bullets, starvation, locusts, or appropriating and incorporating land. The Amhara governments have been applying these extermination policies for over a century. Tigray was not an exception. 

Tigray is being dismantled by the terrorist Isaias army, while Ethiopia’s federal army is standing by watching them do it. The decision already concluded is that Tigray is no more part of Ethiopia. The Scientific Microwave at Adigrat University Engineering dept, has been uprooted and taken by Isaias’s Army recently. The Ethiopian federal army was there as Isaias Army took it. It is an official message from the Fascist Abiy to allow the scorch earth policy to run down and weaken the people’s forward-looking attitude. Tigray shall not capitulate or succumb to the bully regimes of the area. 


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