Ending Tigray conflict will test UK’s claim to be ‘force for good’

Ethiopia Tigray

(Source: The Guardian, by Kaamil Ahmed) –

Key parliamentary committee says government has duty to end violence and rights abuses in Ethiopia

Women outside a tent in camp for displaced people in Chagni, where clothes are being distributed.
Women who fled violence in Metekel in the west of Ethiopia at a camp in Chagni, as clothes are being distributed. Photograph: Eduardo Soteras/AFP/Getty

The British government’s claims that its new development strategy would make it a “force for good” will be tested by whether it helps to end the conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, a parliamentary select committee said on Friday.

Failing to act would be “devastating” to the claim that the new Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) could lead the world by combining diplomacy and development, the MPs said in their report on the humanitarian situation in Tigray.

Ethiopia launched a military offensive against the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front six months ago but, despite early claims of victory, the conflict has turned into a guerrilla war and fighting has intensified again.

Sarah Champion, chair of the Commons international development committee, said: “The risk of conflict spreading is real and that is why the UK must take urgent action. We cannot bury our head in the sand – it is our moral duty to help find a solution and an end to the misery and fear.”

“This will be the first real test of the FCDO’s new combined diplomacy and development strategy. The UK can utilise its development and diplomatic strengths to help end the current political unrest and violence and find a lasting, peaceful solution. The consequences of a failure to act will be devastating.”

The committee said the government needed to use its links to Ethiopia and work with the UN and African Union to end the conflict and human rights abuses. It also said the government should push for an end to alleged restrictions to aid access, while sanctioning anyone identified as blocking humanitarian support.

More than 1.7 million people have been displaced within Ethiopia by the fighting, according to the UN, and there have been widespread reports of rape, massacres and attacks on health facilities.

Responding to criticism about merging the Department for International Development into the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the government claimed that combining the diplomacy with its aid work would make the UK a “force for good”.

“The FCDO must do everything in its power to ensure humanitarian access, and bring sanctions against those who try to obstruct delivery of vital food, water, healthcare and shelter,” said Champion.


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  1. people have no more Need of press release and mere words of sympathy, but remedial and life-saving actions! says:

    It is heart-wrenching to see people of various ethnic and religious background suffering large-scale atrocities and got displaced. UK and its partners need to act as fas as possible. These people have no more Need of press release and mere words of sympathy.The sympathy/pity/sorrow that I feel on behalf of others is just a feeling. It can make me feel miserable, but honestly isn’t going to benefit me or anyone else…unless it is somehow put into an action.
    አታሀሳሲቡና ዶ ገለመለ ፥ናትኩም ፖለቲካን ኮንስፒራሲ አይኮነን አዴታትናን ሕፃውንቲ ቖልዑትና ናአ እውን ብስሩ አይርድአኒን ዘሎ፥ምሥጋና አዘኔታ የቃላት ጋጋታ ከኪስ አይገባም ይብሉታ፥የነፍስ አድን ጥሪ ጥርዓን እዮም ዘስምዑ ዘለው ወገናትና ብሔሮም ብዘየግድስ፥

    Help Those who are in need of your humanitarian aid , they donot understand any of your words and sympathetic words and press release-!
    ከም ኩልኹም(ኩላኻትኩም) ካብ ተፈላለዩ ከተማታትን ብሔራትን ዝመፁ ሰባት በሀባር ኔይረ እየ ንሀረስቶት ብፍላይ(አብ ቖላ ዝነብር) ሰብ ንክትቅይሮን ክዕምኖ ቀሊል እዩ ፥ገርህታት ስለዝኾኑ፥፥ክብሎ ዝደለኽዎ ነገር፡ሊሂቃን ፖለቲከኛታት እዮም በሀሾት ዝቅይርዎም ንክቀትሉና ዝገብርዎም ዘለው፥፥ ነዚ ድማ ኹልኹም እትፈልጥዎ ሀቂ እዩ፦፦ ኩሉ ፀላዕትና እዩ ይሎም ዘምኑ እንተሊዮም አብ ልዕሊ ንፁሓት ሰባት ሕነ ንፈዲኢና ዝብሉ እንተሊዮም ነዚኣ ከተሀሳስቦም ይደሊ፥ንሕና ወገናትና ምድሃን፥አድና ምሕላው፥ቅንድ ፀላዕትና ናብ ፍርድ ክቀርቡ በሀድነት ኮይንና ምስራህ ምቅላስ እየ ዝብል፥፥
    Thank you very much on behalf of people who are urgently and desperately seeking a life-saving knight!!

    Happy Easter to you all!!

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